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(FIC) Meaningless Fantasies
Title: Meaningless Fantasies
Author: Eumenides
Characters: Tousen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 655
Warnings: none
Summary: Tousen engages in a little self love while imagining that it's another.

His eyes half-lidded as he lay in his darkened bedroom, Tousen shifted against the sheets, a restless feeling in his gut. He'd had that reoccurring dream again, the one that often made him wake in the middle of the night aching, a sheen of sweat coating his skin. He pushed the blanket off of himself, nudging it with a foot to pool at the bottom of the bed. It had become far too warm in the room considering where his thoughts had taken him.

Rolling onto his other side, Kaname unfastened the belt to his yukata and spread the silky fabric. With a frustrated sigh, he allowed a hand to trail across his belly and slip downward, combing through dark curls before surrounding hardened flesh. He felt his face heat as he bit his lip. This was the most efficient way of dealing with such a thing, if he could just focus on gaining release.

But this time was just like the others. Instead of being able to quickly bring himself off, the voice from his dream returned to haunt him. It seemed to rumble low in his ear, murmuring of dark and shameful things that the man wanted to do to him, things Tousen was afraid he might enjoy. And suddenly the hand around Kaname's erection wasn't his own, but the other man's fisting him with brisk strokes. The imagined heat of a body behind him pressing close made Kaname groan almost as much as the motion of his hand.

Kaname could almost hear the laughter in the other man's voice, lips against his neck pulling into a wicked grin 'You like this, don't you?' that phantom voice told him. 'I knew you would. Not too principled to enjoy something a little dirty, hmm?' All Tousen could do was moan as he felt figment of his imagination rub himself against him from behind, hardened flesh sliding along Kaname's thigh as the other man cooed into an ear about what he'd do to Kaname first and for how long.

Moistening a finger, Tousen ran it across a nipple, plucking at it and rolling it between thumb and forefinger. Turning his head into the pillow as he groaned, Kaname could almost feel the man chuckle against his skin before nipping at his throat, laving the bite marks with a pink tongue. His hips shifting forward rhythmically, Kaname pushed through the circle of his fist, unable to prevent the movement. He had a feeling that the sight of his loss of control would either amuse or arouse the other man had he been there. Perhaps both.

A few more strokes and Tousen was there, spilling over his hand and onto his belly as the voice from his dream urged to him to yield to the pleasure that he was being given. Spent, Tousen rolled onto his back, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath while the remnants of fantasy faded and the reality of what he'd done while thinking about whom crashed in on him.

Groaning as he squeezed his eyes shut as if it would clear his mind of the visions from his dreams, Tousen was left to feelings of shame. Kaname was fairly certain that he didn't actually want the other man. They were only dreams. Harmless, meaningless fantasies that weren't an indication of anything other than a need for release of some sort. Anyone would have sufficed for them. The fact that the dreams usually manifested a certain someone wasn't anything that he should worry about.. Tousen frowned, turning a cheek against the pillow. It's not as though the arrancar would ever find out that he was the subject of Kaname's odd fantasies anyway. Lying in bed, waiting to drift off to sleep, Tousen reflected idly on the remembered description of the espada, feeling a sudden urge to card fingers through hair almost the color of a cloudless sky.


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