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User:eumenides (17088)
Almost In Love v. scribbld
you can taste heaven perfectly

Eccentric · fandom enthusiast · lover of villians & dark heroes · disturbed · megane · evil is a point of view · tech girl · wrong on many levels · all ecchi is love · open-minded · revolutionary girl · obsessed · defies classification · cold flower · sublimation is the answer · no heart to be broken
This is a journal for fandom love. I'll post whatever ramblings have come to mind as well as my fan fiction here. Here are most of my fandom faves.

[info]iam the Kaname Tousen & the Seiichirou Tatsumi (Yami no Matsuei) of Scribbld.

A Warning: The fan works here, as well as some of the topics discussed here, can be of an adult nature. If you are under 18 yrs old, don't add this journal. If you have something against either yaoi, yuri, or hentai, don't add this journal & save us both a big headache.

Interests:146: aizen, anime, aporro-sukidoji, arrancar, atypical ukes, babylon 5, baccano, bara, biseinen, black leather gloves, bleach, blind swordsmen, braids, claymore, clergy with attitude, closet ukes, cowboy bebop, crossdressers, dark characters, dark humor, deflowering maidens, demons, disturbing anime, disturbing behavior, doujinshi, ecchi, elfen lied, enzai, fan art, fan fiction, femdom, fetishism, freedom of expression, freud, fumihiko tachiki, futanari, gaming, gantz, gender bending, greed, grimmichi, grimmjow, gunkata, guro, hagane no renkinjutsushi, haru wo daiteita, hedonism, hellsing, hentai, heretics, hichichi, high heels, hollows, hong kong cinema, horror, infernal affairs trilogy, jean havoc, justice, kaname tousen, kenpachi, kenyuu, kimbley, koumyou, kyou kara maou, last exile, legend of the espada-fiend, long-haired semes, love-hate relationships, lust, maes hughes, maestro delphine, magic, manga, megane, melody of oblivion, men in black uniforms, mezzo forte, midare somenishi, mikage souji, momomi momoi, monster union, movies, muraki, muses, mushishi, music, non-con, one-eyed semes, ouran, paprika, pink floyd, pink sniper maniax, professor nemuro, reading, revolutionary girl utena, saionji, saiyuki, saiyuki reload, sakura petals, samurai champloo, sci-fi, scientific detachment, seinen-ai, seishirou sakurazuka, severus snape, shadows, shinichiro miki, shirosaki, sho hayami, simoun, sin, slash, snuff, social outcasts, soulbonds, switches, szayel, szayel aporro granz, tainted souls, three-edged swords, thrillers, tokyo babylon, tori amos, toshihiko seki, toshiyuki morikawa, tousen, tousen/wonderweiss, triads, trinity blood, tsuzuki, uke!tousen, ukes with attitude, ukoku, unconventional pairings, vaizards, violence, violet-eyed boys, waita uziga, women with swords, wonderweiss margera, x/1999, yachiru, yakuza, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yuri
People4:dangerred, jimmy, news, system
Communities2:animeaddme, bleach
Member of:4: animeaddme, bleach, community_promo, iam
Account type:Early Free User

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