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(FIC) A Beautiful Sight
Title: A Beautiful Sight
Author/Artist: Eumenides (flowerofsin)
Pairing: Tousen/Wonderweiss
Fandom: Bleach
Theme: #1 - look over here
Summary: Wonderweiss gives Tousen a gift from the other world.
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns everything, I own nothing but my imagination.

Their business finished in the realm of the living, the group of arrancar headed for the place they called their home. Running to catch up with the other arrancar, Wonderweiss’ attention was caught by a patch of colorful flowers blooming in the shade under a nearby tree. Staring at them with wide eyes and a faint smile, he crouched down, reaching out to pluck them.

Looking backward, a large arrancar caught sight of him and shook his head. “Come on, Wonderweiss, What are you dallying for? We’re done here,” the arrancar called out as he turned to leave.

“I don’t even know why we had to bring him,” another arrancar said as they opened a gate back to their realm, the fabric of the space before them splitting into an area large enough for the group to pass through. The small bundle in his hands, Wonderweiss managed to catch up with the other hollows just as they stepped through and beyond.

Bounding through the corridors of Las Noches, Wonderweiss finally found who he was searching for as he entered the courtyard. The small arrancar headed toward the bench on which Tousen sat under the artificial sky. The shinigami smiled as he recognized the spiritual power of the approaching arrancar. Stopping before the seated man, Wonderweiss extended the bundle of flowers happily. That was until Tousen cast a quizzical look in his direction. The arrancar’s face fell as he realized that the man couldn’t see the gift he’d brought from the other world. The way that the shinigami navigated about their stronghold effortlessly made the arrancar sometimes forget about the man's blindness.

Wonderweiss startled at the sensation of a pair of hands covering his own. He was suddenly glad of Tousen’s lack of sight as his face heated when long fingers drew themselves along his clasped hands.

Realization dawned on Tousen’s face. “Oh, are these for me?”

Wonderweiss nodded, making a sound of agreement. The shinigami took the flowers from the arrancar’s hands. Wonderweiss watched Tousen raise one hand to his face, using his teeth to help work the black glove off of his hand. The arrancar felt strangely warm at the sight of the man's long fingers sliding downward out of the garment as Kaname's teeth plucked at the fabric.

His hand now bare, Tousen’s fingers traced the stem of each flower up to the petals, silky under his touch. The shinigami raised the bouquet upward to inhale the fragrance of the blossoms, a smile spreading across his face.

“They’re very beautiful,” Tousen said after a moment. He rarely took time to enjoy simple pleasures such as this, and was glad of the arrancar's reminder of doing so. He reached out, placing a hand on Wonderweiss’ shoulder that slid upward to cup his cheek. “Thank you, Wonderweiss.”

Blushing, the boyish arrancar made a pleased sound, moving to sit next to the man on the bench. Feeling bold, he leaned into the warmth of the man’s body, as surprised as he was pleased when the shinigami draped an arm around his shoulders to pull him closer. Wonderweiss' blush deepened when he felt the brief press of warm lips against his temple. A lopsided grin spread across the arrancar's face in answer to the man's gesture. A faint smile on his face, Tousen relaxed against the bench, the weight of the body next to him as pleasing as the scent of the blossoms clasped in his hand.


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