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(Sticky Post) List of Fic Here
I have a fan fiction archive that I keep most of my fic in (still have to add some stories from the older site there), but I figured that I'd keep a running list of the newer (or updated) stories that I've posted to different LJ coms in an entry. It's a little neater for visitors than sifting through tags, I suppose.


Kindred: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Kenpachi/Grimmjow. AU Bleach fic. Grimmjow draws the attention of one of the new members to join their inner circle in Hueco Mundo.
Part One || Part Two

Taming: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Aizen/Grimmjow, Aizen/Gin/Grimmjow. A smutty one-shot. Aizen decides to train Grimmjow to be a better minion. Warnings: Mild bondage, domination, non-con.

Close To You: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Tousen/Wonderweiss, minor yuri. Watching the more experienced gives Wonderweiss ideas.

The Dangers of Eavesdropping: Rated PG. Characters: Kenpachi, Yachiru, Ikkaku, & Yumichika. An attempt at humor. Ikkaku and Yumichika overhear a conversation.

Meaningless Fantasies: Rated NC-17. Pairing: m/Tousen. Tousen engages in a little self love while imagining that it's another.

For [info]30_kisses Claim: Tousen/Wonderweiss

A Beautiful Sight: Rated PG. Pairing: Tousen/Wonderweiss. Wonderweiss gives Tousen a gift from the other world.

Heaven is at your side: Rated PG. Pairing: Tousen/Wonderweiss. Long after everything is said and done, a different dream is alive.

For [info]50scenes Claim: Bleach series

Unnamed: Rated PG. Character: Kenpachi. Set after the end of Kenpachi & Ichigo’s fight during the Soul Society arc. Kenpachi get a glimpse of someone he has until recently ignored.

The Good Kind of Ache: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Tousen/Aizen. A moment between lovers. No spoilers (this one could take place in any arc, to be honest)

If Couches Could Talk: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Aizen/Gin/Tousen. Smutty one-shot. Curiosity and longing bear fruit as the pair welcomes a third into the mix. No spoilers.

Warmth on a Dark Night: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Komamura/Tousen. Set during the Soul Society arc. With events looming on the horizon, Tousen seeks a moment’s peace.

For [info]fanfic50 Claim: Szayel Aporro Granz

Fascination: Rated PG. Characters: Szayel & Ishida. Ishida in Szayel’s lab. No spoilers.


Bliss of Another Kind: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Muraki/m. No spoilers. Takes place pre-series. Muraki experiences his first kill. Warnings: Rape, death, and disturbing imagery.

For [info]50kinkyways:

Caught in the Spider's Web: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Muraki/Hisoka. A deal is struck and Muraki takes full advantage.

Playing Dress Up: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Muraki/Hisoka. Sequel to "Caught in the Spider's Web." Muraki has fun at Hisoka's expense.


Fall From Grace: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Alucard/Anderson. Hellsing fic. Shameless pornography masquerading as a story. Alucard and Anderson face off in a warehouse. No spoilers. Warnings for non-con, bondage, & gun kink.

Feel You: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Alucard/Anderson. Hellsing fic. Sequel to "Fall From Grace." Anderson realizes that recent events have affected him in ways he wouldn’t have expected.

Quid Quo Pro: Rated NC-17. Pairing: Sawamura/Honma. A My Sexual Harassment fic. Set pre-anime. Honma is taught what it is to be an elite businessman.


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