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kevin! ([info]explosives) wrote,
@ 2008-01-05 16:56:00

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NAME Kevin Wesley Entwhistle.
AGE/BIRTHDATE Seventeen / 18 January 1980.
HOUSE/YEAR Ravenclaw / Twelfth.
SOCIAL STATUS Lower middle class, at the most. The Entwhistles have always been at the lower end of the social spectrum, with average jobs making the average income. They’d always managed to do alright, until Kevin’s father lost his job a few years back and his mother was pulling weight for a period of time, making things even tighter around the Entwhistle household. Kevin went from ‘average’ to ‘poor’ very fast, and they still haven’t recovered from that blow to their finances. If Kevin wasn’t attending Hogwarts College on a scholarship, he would have never been able to attend.

GSCE COURSES Information and Computer Technology (A*), English (A), English Literature (A*), Maths (B), Physics (A), History (A), French (C), Physical Education (A), Classical Civilisations (A), General Humanities (A*), Art (A).
A-LEVELS Information and Communications Technology, Fine Art, Media Studies, Classical Civilisations.
EXTRACURRICULARS Computer Society, L'Imagination au Pouvoir Society.
ATHLETICS Football (Michaelmas), Lacrosse (Lent), Cross-Country (Summer).

APPEARANCE While Kevin would consider himself average in almost all aspects (physically speaking, of course) there is one thing that Kevin has not managed to do—reach it to the average male height of 5’10”. Trailing two inches behind at 5’8”, he desperately wishes that he would grow two or three inches. While his still taller than the average girl, there are a few who are the same height as him, if not a few inches taller than him. Aside from his height, he is generally pleased with his appearance. He’s got light brown hair that darkens during the winter month. It’s usually kept on the shaggy side, although he’ll occasionally use some hair gel—spiky hair seems to be getting more fashionable these days. His eyes are a pale blue—they get commented on more than anything about his appearance, but not enough that he’s known for his stunning eyes. His teeth are a bit crooked, but it’s not as if he ever could afford braces so he isn’t very concerned about them—at least they’re white and crooked.

When not in his Hogwarts uniform, his fashion style is rather simple—it consists of baggy t-shirts and baggy jeans, with the occasional off-brand polo thrown in every now and then to appease his mother. There are rips and tears in his clothes, and his trainers look as if they’ve seen better days—probably because they did around a year ago. The good thing about Kevin is that since he isn’t growing he doesn’t have to worry about his jeans being too short—he’ll wear something until it’s literally falling apart, and then they resort to buying new clothes. He’s almost always seen wearing a necklace made out of plain black string and a medallion—his grandfather gave it to him when he was much younger, and he’s never taken it off. He even takes showers with it on, and considers it lucky (although Kevin really doesn’t know why).
PLAYED BY Hunter Parrish.

PERSONALITY Kevin does not radiate the brilliance and cleverness one thinks of when you think of members of the Ravenclaw house. He is not the type of person you would find holed in a library studying, ready to lash out with some dry humor at the first person who disturbed him. In fact, he’s never studied for a test in his life and he doesn’t seem to ever pay attention class, considering he’s usually trying to hide the fact that he’s playing his new Game Boy Pocket underneath his desk. Still, he’s probably in the top ten of his class. How does he manage such an incredible feat when he’s busy playing Desert Strike during class? For one thing, Kevin happens to be an excellent multitasker—he’s capable of playing his Game Boy, watching television, and carrying on a conversation. So naturally, he can listen to a professor and play video games at the same time. His other key to success is that he has an eidetic memory—Kevin can remember anything he sees and most things he hears, although he has to be paying full attention when it comes to the auditory part. Since he’s never paying full attention to anything, he usually only remembers half of what people tell him. These two things added on to the fact that Kevin is a naturally smart kid help him out a lot.

If one couldn’t tell by his attitude about school, Kevin is a pretty laid back individual. There are only three things that he gets excited about in this world and those are: video games, football, and explosives. However, when The Three Greatest Things In The World aren’t brought up or around, he’s annoyingly calm about everything, which makes him a very bad person when it comes to being empathetic or when someone needs advice. Your dog died? The response you’re most likely to get is the sound of his thumbs twiddling on his new Game Boy and an “Oh. Sorry about that—GO! GO! DIE ALREADY!—mate. …who died again?” Things like that generally don’t faze him, and his apathetic nature has pissed off more than a few people. And while one would think that his calmness would be helpful during a crisis, it’s really not. He’s also the type who doesn’t take anything too seriously, so he wouldn’t be very helpful. He wouldn’t be panicking, but he wouldn’t be of use to anyone. Kevin’s view on life is very simple—things happens. He does not get overly excited when good things happen, because something bad can happen just as quickly. And that works in reverse as well. This does not mean he doesn’t get happy or sad when good/bad things happen, he just isn’t the type of person to be bouncing around ecstatically or moping around depressed. The three exceptions to this are, of course, The Three Greatest Things in the World.

Kevin can definitely be described as easy to get along with. He’s funny, nice, all of the generic ‘friendly boy!’ traits that garner a number of associates in other houses that speak highly of him. Of course, there are some (ie. Slytherins) who bring out the obnoxious side of him and he’s probably offended them once or twice. Either way, Kevin is probably the last person you’d hear gossip about—simply because he doesn’t do anything. He’s perfectly content with The Three Greatest Things and his friends, and he avoids confrontation and drama as if it were the plague. If someone has an issue with him he does his best to apologize unless it’s something irrational or stupid. Then he’ll just avoid the situation entirely, so he doesn’t add fuel to the fire. And if someone insults him, he merely laughs it off. Of course, not to say he won’t throw a witty reply back in their direction (his sense of humor is one of the sarcastic variety) sometimes, but usually he’ll jut ignore it. What people say/think of him isn’t very important, and he’s not really quick to anger anyway. However, if someone does manage to push his buttons expect a pretty big explosion. As he’s not someone that gets mad often, when he does it’s pretty violent. Still, he’s like a spring thunderstorm—bad for a few minutes, and then back to his natural state of calm.

DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS While most assume that Kevin doesn’t do a lot of school work because he’s lazy, that’s not the reason. While he’s completely grateful that he makes excellent grades (he wouldn’t have gotten into Hogwarts otherwise), he doesn’t feel that having impeccable grades means you’re all that smart. Anyone can make good grades if they study hard enough. However, Kevin thinks that someone is only truly smart if they apply their knowledge to the real world. Kevin really doesn’t disclose this philosophy with other people though, as he’s much too busy with other things like playing Earthworm Jim.

LIKES Video games, football, Manchester United, explosives, fireworks, blowing things up, classic rock, paintball, Led Zeppelin, Chinese food, Pink Floyd, Earthworm Jim, dinosaurs, Jurassic Park (the film & the book), anything by Michael Crichton, paintball, Queen.
DISLIKES Manchester City, Radiohead, being separated from his Game Boy, cheaters, most ‘britpop’ bands, Stephen King (completely overrated), Tetris, The Speech that most professors give him about not using his full potential, French food.

1. Kevin almost always is carrying his Game Boy Pocket around with him. While most think it’s simply because he’s obsessed (which he is), that’s not the only reason. Kevin saved up his money for months to buy that Game Boy, and it’s definitely the most valuable thing he owns.

2. His cousin Tony introduced him to the world of fire crackers and cherry bombs when he was much younger and since then Kevin has had a fixation with things that explode, flare up, and sparkle. Large firework displays? He’s there. Not to mention, Kevin is finally employing those brains of his by trying to invent his own explosives (however, only one or two people know about that).

3. Despite the fact that he finds their music deplorable, he has quite the crush on Baby Spice from the Spice Girls. She is the only reason that he can tolerate them, and will go on and on about how he intends to marry Baby Spice.

4. While he’s usually calm about most things, Kevin is terribly afraid of moths. Yes, moths. Not spiders, snakes, bees, or anything like that—but moths. When he was around seven years old he was playing in his aunt’s closet and a very large moth flew out and hit him in the face. Needless to say, he is terrified of the tales of the Mothman wreaking havoc in the US.

FAMILY Thomas Entwhistle (father: 43, truck driver), Jaclyn Entwhistle (mother: 39, school teacher), Grace Entwhistle (sister: 6, attending primary school), Anthony 'Tony' Entwhistle (cousin: 18, juvenile delinquent/unemployed).
HISTORY The Entwhistles, while hardly affluent, are still a family of traditions. For example, Thomas Entwhistle was destined to work at the local factory, owned by the Blakeley family, as his father before him. And he did just that from the time he was eighteen years old. It was during this time, when he was working at the factory, that his Thomas’s father made the acquaintance of one Joseph Bishop. The two families became quite close and because of this, Thomas met Joseph’s eldest daughter—Jaclyn, an aspiring teacher. Jaclyn and Thomas hit it off immediately, much to the delight of their fathers. A year later, the two were married and found a house that was close enough to both of their families and by the Blakeley factory, where Thomas was still employed. Soon Jaclyn began teaching at a nearby primary school, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly for the Entwhistles. They were not the epitome of wealth, but they were living modestly.

Still, the Entwhistles began to hit a rough patch when Kevin was around nine years old. The Blakeley family ran into a bit of bad business, and was forced to shut their factory down. Everyone who worked their lost their job, including Thomas Entwhistle. They went from modest to barely making ends meet, yet Kevin acted as if nothing was different at school. He perplexed the teachers—he never once complained about other kids making fun of him because of his worn clothes. The only problem Kevin ever caused was that he never seemed to pay attention, but would stun everyone when he brought home excellent marks. It was a trend that Kevin would keep for years. Thomas remained unemployed and to add on to their troubles, Jaclyn found herself pregnant. Around the same time, Kevin received his acceptance and scholarship to Hogwarts College, which started the Entwhistles’ string of good luck once again.

Thomas landed another (and better paying!) job, Kevin began attending the very prestigious Hogwarts College, and Jaclyn gave birth to Grace Entwhistle. Kevin’s placement into Ravenclaw was pretty easy—he’s not particularly brave, he’s definitely not a hard worker, and doesn’t have very many ambitions. Clearly, Ravenclaw is where Kevin belonged. He fit right in, which was surprising considering studies always seem to the furthest thing from Kevin’s mind. Yet, he aced almost everything thrown at him—infuriating many of his peers. He only infuriated them more when he seemed completely apathetic about his excellent grades, and concerned himself with the football team. He wasn’t the best player, but he was good enough to make it during his insertappropriatenumberhere year.

His years at Hogwarts have been relatively uneventful for him—good marks, games of footie, new video games, and the computer society every now and then. Kevin likes to pretend that he has no goals or plans for the future but he actually wants to be a video game designer! A very fitting profession, right? So, he’s currently eyeing the universities that would suit him best, although he hasn’t disclosed this information with anyone and if he did, he would most likely kill the person with shock. Kevin Entwhistle with actual goals? Not possible. Still, it’s not an unattainable goal for him. He’s got the grades, he’s got the knowledge—he simply has to get his act together and focus.

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