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Courtney. :) ([info]freefalling) wrote,
@ 2008-03-15 11:26:00

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Current mood:depressed


why is it that the girl who wants love more than anything,

can never find it?

Im so torn I dont know what to do anymore.

Maybe Ill just be single for the rest of my life.

at the rate Im going, its either that,
or be hurt ALL THE TIME.

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2008-03-15 07:52 pm UTC (link)
Hun, even being single won't keep ya from pain. My last two years in high school I swore to never marry or be 'in love'. My friend agreed. We decided we'd spend our lives happy, single, and commitment free. You know what happened? We fell in love with each other. Nothing's gonna stop the pain, hun. It doesn't stop for anything.

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2008-03-15 08:15 pm UTC (link)
I know.

but like, we havent talked in like five days.

AND his ex is his first on myspace.

Im not even on his top.

and I just miss him soooooo much.

and I keep thinking hes getting back with his Ex.

I dont know what to do..

I want to be in love, just not so much that it hurts me every day.

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2008-03-16 03:28 am UTC (link)
Babygirl, you may need to brace your fragile heart for some pain. I won't lie to you, it seems like he has a whole nother agenda. You don't need to go through all this. There's so much better out there. I promise!

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2008-04-10 10:11 pm UTC (link)
Hey, babygirl. It's Sarah. Add me here? AND UPDATTTE!

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