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May 19th, 2009

Fantasies and Reality

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I just woke up today exactly lunch time..

I'm having weird dreams lately..


A question suddenly pops out in my head... Does fantasy exists in reality? I guess this is just a habit of watching romantic comedy anime too much..

May 18th, 2009

Layered Trim Haircut

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I just went into this not-so-tiny parlor.. i got my hair trimmed..

ugh.. when i got home, my dad and my bro said nothing has changed.. well, i know that ;___;

but uhh.. it's much better now than before anyway..

* feels sick though.. my tummy hurts.. :'( *

Brand new school year

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Oh my gahd.. geez, at times like this when summer's about to end..

I just get to think of this coming school year... another TIRING days for students..


I'm not really excited about this but.. what i'm excited about is the allowance money, and some extra events going around at school. xD

Ughh.. I'll be in 2nd yr college this coming school year.. I didn't do well at my freshmen days.. I even went kicked out by the scholarship thing..

But I promise to my self I'll do better this time.. Well just goodluck for me~

A whole new journey

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First entry~ !! Yeyz

ugghhh.. i'm sooooooo freakin' bored today...

That's when I opened my Y!M.. and chatted with some of my friends..

Mi-chan suggested to make an account here.. so yeah I tried making xD

But.. I'm still lurking here.. 'coz I'm new here -o-

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