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Rock Drill Bits,DTH Drill Bits ([info]gabrielbro) wrote,
@ 2021-04-30 12:52:00

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Brief introduction of the heavy spiral cutter head
The spiral cutter head is a very important tool in wood processing. In the process of wood planing, spiral cutterhead has the advantages of low resistance, low noise, and small cutting.

According to the different materials and dry humidity, different hard alloy blades can be replaced. If a cutting edge of the blade is blunt or missing, just loosen the screw to turn to the other cutting edge, and lock the knives without grinding. Only when the four cutting edges of a knife cannot be used, a new blade is needed.

The service life of spiral cutter shaft blade is 5 to 12 times longer than that of ordinary blade, which saves the time of sharpening and proofreading, improves the planing efficiency, reduces the use cost, reduces the power consumption, and overcomes the problems of the traditional blade, such as the cracking of the wood board scab, the unsmoothness of the reverse grain, the surface warping and concave caused by the traditional blade. Especially in hardwood, bamboo sheet, bamboo board,tungsten carbide rods, plastic board, insulation board and other materials that are not easy to process, it has more advantages and production capacity.

Structure composition of heavy spiral cutter head

As shown in the figure is the finished product drawing of re cutting spiral cutter head, which consists of five parts: spiral cutter body, spiral groove, pressing block, double head stud and discarded blade.

Compared with light cutting spiral cutter head, the heavy cutting spiral cutter head uses the pressing block and double head screw to lock the abandoned blade, which makes the clamping of the blade more stable and the tool can carry thicker cutting amount.

Material of heavy cutting spiral woodworking tools

The cutting performance of the cutting tool is improved by using the tool body of 45 steel and the cutting life of the tool is improved.

Carbide woodworking indexable knives are made of Ultra fine-grained cemented Hard Rock Drill Bits carbide material with strict quality testing. small cutting edge alloy specification is 14 - 14- 2.0, large cutting edge alloy specification is 12 -30 - 1.5, without high temperature welding, the hardness of each blade is above HRA 92.5, good wear resistance, impact resistance, high heat resistance, sharp edge, can adapt to various wood and furniture plane processing, processing surface smooth, large The service life and machining quality of the cutting tools are greatly improved.

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