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Rock Drill Bits,DTH Drill Bits ([info]gabrielbro) wrote,
@ 2021-06-10 15:54:00

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Tesla Home Charging Stations

There's a shift taking place in the way Australians get energy from and in how we use it. The proportion of sustainable energy in our electrical grid is on a raise and energy like solar and wind is used the most. The number is rising fast. Alongside the shift towards renewable energy, there is also a shift taking place in how we consume energy. One of the significant changes is the use of electric vehicles.

Popular car manufacturers like Tesla are accelerating in the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric cars. So many electric cars are on the Australia roads now, and the number is projected to increase year after year.

With this shift in vehicle energy usage, also comes changes in the infrastructure required to keep these cars on the road. Mainly there is a great need for homes equipped with Tesla charging stations to safely and quickly charge up our batteries.

Tesla home charger:

Tesla supercharger networks are continually expanding, offering Tesla drivers unparalleled comfort and convenience. However, for most of us making a shift from conventional fuel-powered vehicles to electric cars might seem like a big jump. You will be having so many basic questions about installing a charging station and how it will match your lifestyle. Let us now take a look at some common questions about installing Tesla charger.

How to charge an electric car at home?

To charge an EV at home, you must have a home charging point installed by professionals where you park your vehicle. The home charger is a compact weatherproof unit which can be mounted to a wall connected with a charging cable or a socket for plugging in a portable charging cable. The ability to quickly charge your car at home offers more utility to your purchase and lets you quickly top up the batteries every day when you are at home. Charging the electric car is like charging your mobile phone. Plug-in overnight and top up during the day.

How far can I drive an electric vehicle once it is charged?

The answer to this question varies depending on the vehicle model you use. However, the electric vehicle range is improving with each new generation. An average car needs to be recharged every 100 to 150 miles while some have ranges exceeding 300 miles or more. If this concerns you, talk to professionals who specialise in installing tesla charger, they will help you pick the right practical solution for your need.

How long does it take to charge my EV?

The charging time of electronic vehicles depends on the size of the vehicle's battery, the current level of battery charge and the speed of the charging point. There are three basic kinds of charges level 1, level 2, and, level 3. The first two are used in home applications while rapid charges that require a more robust electric infrastructure are found in commercial and public locations.

Generally, most homeowners don't need their vehicle fully charged every day, so topping up using a basic charging station may be all you need. However, if your usage is heavy, you should take advantage of faster charging in options.

The author is Australia’s leading Supplier and Installer of Universal Electric Vehicle Chargers. Powered by durable components and intelligent software, his equipment is recommended and approved by all major EV manufacturers. For Tesla charging stations visit https://www.evse.com.au.

More About the Author

At EVE Tungsten Carbide Rods Australia we believe that the drive toward a better future starts today.
Our mission is to help power the future of Australian Mobility through clean, affordable and convenient Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. We aim to achieve this through the provision of comprehensive Electric Vehicle charging solutions which bring together the leaders in EV charging technology with electric car owners all across Australia & New Zealand.
EVE Australia have partnered with the world’s leading brands to bring the latest technology to your home, business and car park in an affordable and convienent way.

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