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friends only! [03 May 2008|07:05pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

hello! my name is dawn-marie. i am 20 years old, my birthday is november 11. i moved over here from greatestjournal, and i really like it. i just moved from [info]blunted. i live in massachusetts, home of the red sox nation and patriots land, and PROUD :) i have two jobs, at gillette stadium in the proshop warehouse, and i work at a daycare. i'm graduating from a community college in june for my associates degree in liberal arts. i am just working and saving up money thinking about what i want to do, before i finish the rest of my education. i am a really laid back person, and really easy to get along with. i try to update and comment as much as i can, and i love active friends :) check out my interests, and add me if you think we would make good friends :) just comment here and add me first! btw, drugs/alcohol/sex or anything along those lines will be talked about in this journal, and if you are not okay with that, than i would suggest you don't even bother adding me. i am not scary, so give it a try ♥ OH AND BTW, if you are a wrestling fan, PLEASE add me :) they are rare here, and i am a huge fan, so i would love to have wrestling fans!!

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