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8th May 2013

11:46am: WHAT?!
I go to sign into the site today... one of my journals is suspended, so is my community...

I can't figure out why.

11th April 2013

3:26pm: 2013...
Basically I've been gone for a year, a few months short of a year but if I'm rounding (which I tend to do) a year sounds just about right.

I did a mass update for some of my characters. I've got most of them, and added a few "new*" ones into the mix. Some old ones left out because they weren't chatty enough.

*new to this site, not my mind/other sites

17th July 2012

8:59pm: It might be soon...
I might be opening SFW to OTHER PEOPLE.
I also might not because I'm weird like that.

Is there any interest in it? I doubt it.

25th June 2012

6:04pm: Boom BOOM booM
So there have been a lot of thunderstorms going on in the real world, as well as in the world inside my head. I'm just putting that out there. This has no real importance to what this post is meant to be about...

Sure Fire Winners is finally pretty to look at. I got around to moving NGSTWRTT's old layout over from insanejournal, a place I plan to be free of, come the end of summer. Bit by bit I am saving my old work and will make any corrections and edits before I start posting them over here.

I am trying my hardest to keep a positive outlook on all aspects of my life, so keep checking back for posts from me. When Beans is happy, so are her people.
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15th June 2012

1:11pm: Mini-mass updates...
I'm doing a mini mass update (one post per journal, no matter how many peoples use it) because it gives me something to write without forcing too much and also ensuring that each journal gets logged into so I may add my newest collection of head dwellers to the mix. :)

In addition to adding my new journal of characters to the mix I was planning to bring back my island fools, even if just to play in the "main land" game. Do you all have an opinion? Should I? Should I leave things as they are right now and just let the islanders relax while nothing is going on? I dunno. Knowing me, I'll make them just because my people love the attention and hate being trapped inside my head all the time. They need air every so often.

13th June 2012

3:41pm: I am still around...
but things slowed down not long after they seemed to be picking up again. I'm gonna stop talking about how excited I am to game and write and be awesome, because when I talk it all goes down hill and I am left lazy, with writers block or something IRL happens and I'm left looking like I'm mental, promising awesome works and words and I am left with crap.

So I'm around, don't expect much but I am here and might (really, it's a might) be posting more soon.

22nd May 2012

6:40pm: So then there was that time...
that I was certain I made sure everyone had something to say, even the quite ones. Yeah, that happened.

I've been writing still. Very slowly. Kinda crap. But it's words. So yay on that.

18th May 2012

6:42pm: Oh boy.
Things and things. And even more things. I am writing. It's just slow and not what I really want right now.

2nd May 2012

3:35pm: I didn't forget...
I didn't forget about making my characters for the Dresden game. It's just my mind took a little vacation and when it came back everything was all ass backwards. Once I get a grip and things back in order, I am gonna make the best journal of characters I can! :)
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19th April 2012

2:01am: So this happened...
"He poured two glasses, both slightly more than full. He didn't know why, he just did."

Just a typo that was too funny (in my head) not to copy and paste before correcting. :)
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2nd April 2012

11:16pm: An update but not a good one.
It's not a bad one either, it's just one stating that I've fallen back into a mindset where my writing isn't coming easily anymore. There are ideas, many many ideas there. But I don't have the energy to give them much thought. I feel as if that little spot of decent writing was just that, a spot. It isn't long term. Also I strongly feel like a lot of my ideas aren't good anymore/never were in the first place. I don't know. This is a place of writing, I don't want to get into the dramas that are my life. I just wanted to show you how my dramas effect my ability to write something I'm at least half proud of. I'm writing nothing of the sort, as of late.

24th March 2012

1:56am: Oooh boy!
Hahaha! They are crazy! I am crazy? What is my brain? WHAT IS IT???!?!?!?!?!

Anyways, yeah. This is how we roll.
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21st March 2012

1:24pm: Brain Vom
The subject really has this covered. I spent the past (however long) logging in and out and posting journals for many (not all) of the wonderful people inside my brain. They are almost always excited when it's journal posting time. I am always losing characters because I never remember what journals they are living in at this time.

Do I dare attempt to do some real writing? Do I work on applications? I have a million and one things to do but me and my cup of tea don't want to do a damn thing (other than nap, maybe).
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15th March 2012

1:03am: Random!!
I have a muse. Strange. It's like, I've always known but now I kind of have this proof. Inside my head it's proof. *sighs* I don't know. :)

12th March 2012

6:35pm: OOPS! I did it again...

Not set up but it's gonna get cray-cray up in this bitch.

6th March 2012

1:48pm: Another post. So soon?
Yes. Why? Because I said I was going to write and I have no idea what the hell to write about. SO... I'm going to leave this page open and just shoot out random floaters in my brain.

- Cody and Ammie will have a battle of the pancakes. I envision faces full of batter and globs of blueberry compote smushed in hair. It will happen.

- Kurt and Eli have a talk. Eli winds up walking out and figuring the whole 'this is why we can't be friends' deal out.

- Jephray and Dennis go to lunch. Chaos of the lighter variety ensues and Jeph ends up crashing on the couch because he hadn't slept in days.

- Anton, Chris and Jimmy schedule a game night. Drinking occurs and someone ends up proposing marriage via text messages.

- Elroy makes it clear he's in his 'relationship' for sex only but over time he realizes that there is def. more to it. He will fight it, but it's there.

- Emily has a breakdown. She sends Aleera off to spend the week with her best friend Ben and has a cake filled, drunken confession/therapy session with Hedwig, her other BFF.

- Frank is about to tell David his secret and confess his feelings, but David cuts him off and tells him he is leaving the city and it would be best if they never spoke again. Drama llama comes along for the ride.

Ideas that involve other people:

- Collin and Anya do dinner. Topic of discussion is up in the air but I'm aiming towards the good side of things.

- Jamie takes Jesse out for their first shopping round alone. Jamie comes to discover she's not the most organized mother in the universe.

- Simon meets a client that silently suggests he get a new profession.

- A possible Jon/Harper thread. If I can promise myself and others that nothing too bad will happen. I'm thinking some minor panda related upset will do the trick. No complete freak outs this time around. I can't be mean all the time.

- Topher makes the move from Nashville to NYC and finds that while he wasn't born a city boy- he certainly thrives in the city setting. As a lonely early-20something, he needs to make friends.

4th March 2012

11:53pm: Quickly...
Been trying to post character updates, some are willing to be chatty and some just seem a little forced. I'm taking a moment to go enjoy the vastness of space before I come back and update some more.

8th February 2012

1:05am: Alien Invasions...
So I'm laying in bed with the crap-top computer and I hear from the other room the TV is broadcasting the emergency sound and flashing colors on the screen. My brain immediately goes to OMG, this is not a test! We are being invaded by aliens. I get it, I should cut back on the Doctor Who. LOL Nah. I don't mind fearing the occasional Alien Invasion; it will keep things interesting.

Lots of character updates today. Some happy. Some sad. Some angry. Some strange. I've said it many times before, my head is a scary place to be.

I've got decent news soon, so look for the Dino icons. A good read is coming your way.

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3rd February 2012

5:46pm: Things...
1 in 4 models working on Earth is actually an alien. (They eat coke.)

You used to be friends with Kurt Jacksus and you know the reason why you stopped being friends but you still befriend him years later.

Marrying a biology teacher, whose hobbies included sky diving and snorkling only seems like a good idea.

Raising a 4 year old on your own is difficult when you're used to being catered to 24/7. (difficult any time really, but more so under these circumstances.)

Being figuratively high and the reality of a super crash.

It all comes down to a (thought to be) vacant rooftop and a shiny toy gun.
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17th September 2011

12:22am: Help with community...
Ugh. Why am I having issues getting the journals I want invited to the community I've made? I've never had this sort of problem on other sites. I am really trying to like Scribbld but I can't really say I love it. I am frustrated. Bah.

Anyways, I have a bulk of my journals up. I see two-three more in the future. My magic fools and if I decide to bring back the island fools, it's happening here. Ideas for a third, I am trying to talk myself out of it. I've got about 15 as it is. What can I say? My mind's a crowded place.

I should be going to bed but I am thinking a round of 2 journal updates seems like a thing I am going to end up doing. So off I go to bang out some updates and catch some z's.

Have a good night, Scribbld land. Have an epically wonderful night.

8th September 2011

1:14am: Journals galore!
So I've set up 4 journals over the course of the past few hours. I've been working on finding, making, deleting and renaming icons ALL DAY.

It's almost 1am. I am going to bed now. I have a real job to go to in the morning. I'll likely pick up where I left off tomorrow.

For now, I welcome:

[info]all_these_fools [info]originalfools [info]cultoffools and [info]unusualfools !!!!

Check them out if you'd like. :) Just keep in mind, they still need a lot of work.

7th September 2011

8:53pm: Hello Scribbld!
The time has come. I'm movin' on in to Scribbld. It's gonna be a process, got a lot of people in my head that need to make the move. Taking it piece by piece, one journal at a time. Please bear with me, as I am also settling into a newish job in the real world. Once things start calming down and kinks are worked out, I plan on spending a lot more time in my RP world.

<3 Kierstin
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