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in character.

FULL NAME: Michael Julian Corner (he loathes his middle name)
NICKNAMES: Mikey, Dwarf (only Terry or Anthony could get away with that), Julie (if Terry, Anthony or anyone else wants to be hexed)

DATE OF BIRTH: March 25, 1980
BLOODLINE: half-blood
FORMER HOUSE & YEAR: Ravenclaw, 1991
OCCUPATION: Bass guitar player for a muggle rock band
CURRENT RESIDENCE: lives at home with his father
POLITICAL VIEWS: He does not agree with the Ministry on the subject of muggle-borns, but as long as the Ministry stays out of his business, he does not care for politics

PARENTS: Eustace & Denise Corner
SIBLINGS: Step-brother, Adam (3) - mother’s second marriage
FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS:none - father is a muggle and mother is a half-blood
MAGICAL STRENGTHS: Charms, Transfiguration
MAGICAL WEAKNESSES: Potions, Herbology
SPECIAL MAGIC ABILITIES: (Please remember, not everyone is an Animagus/Werewolf/Metamorphmagus/Sparkly Vampire) None
WAND: Length: 12 inches; Core: Unicorn Hair; Wood: Apple; Flexibility: Bendy


PB: Georg Listing: http://www.scribbld.com/allpics.bml?user=inthecorner

Michael has always been one of the shorter blokes, standing at only 5’7”, and has endured plenty of teasing from his mates over it. He doesn’t let it get to him, however, since he’s always had a muscular frame and has was his fair share (and possibly even more) of pub fights. Michael started working out when he thought he was looking a bit chubby at the age of thirteen, and his body took on muscle and definition with ease.

He has long, brown hair which he uses a straightening spell on as his hair will look frizzy and poufy without it. Michael is quite particular about his hair, and prefers it long as he believes he has larger than normal ears. His eyes are a hazel/green and he has a generous, full mouth which always seems to be smirking. Michael has very chiseled features - a sharp jaw and very defined cheekbones.

He prefers muggle clothing and will only wear wizard’s robes if it is absolutely necessary. Michael’s fashion sense is ‘rock chic’, consisting of band t-shirts, hooded jumpers, denims and trainers. Once in a while he’ll jazz it up by wearing chunky silver rings or a leather-rope necklace.

Michael has a tattoo on his right hip that is identical to the one that Terry has (as well as Anthony if the player likes the idea - Jess and I have discussed the tattoo that Michael and Terry have).


Michael is a very passionate young man. He loves life, he loves music and he loves sex. He has an energy and charisma about him which men and women are instantly drawn to. Generally he’s laid back and easy going, and can get along with just about any one.

However, there is a dark side to Michael’s nature and that is his temper. Even as a young child, Michael has had a wicked temper that makes him aggressive and unruly. He can go from cold to hot in and instant and there is little one can do about it until he calms down. As he’s grown older, he’s been able to find more constructive outlets for his outbursts which is mainly working out or playing his bass. The odd case, Michael can be calmed down by Terry and Anthony’s efforts and when he’s with his friends, his temper isn’t as bad.

There are two women in his life that he has dated seriously, and both were from his years at Hogwarts: Ginny Weasley and Cho Chang. He hasn’t really gotten over the rejection from Ginny, especially since it was when he found out about his parents divorcing, and so his relationship with Ginny has been unresolved. Michael doesn’t know if he even wants to be friends. With Cho, Michael is very close to as they both helped each other out and be supportive during the different upheavals in their lives. Even though it didn’t work out between him and Cho - and really it was more of a friendship than dating - Michael considers her one of his closest friends whom he can trust.

Michael hasn’t had a long-standing and serious relationship since Hogwarts. That being said, there isn’t a lack of sex in his life. Both men and women are welcome in his bed, so long as they don’t stay too long. It isn’t that he uses people for sex, it’s just that he isn’t seeking out anything more than what satisfies his needs and urges. Michael makes sure that the other person knows that before he sleeps with them - he isn’t a total cad.

LIKES: music, playing his bass, sex, cigarettes, booze, bananas, sleeping in (he’s a night owl), dogs, hanging out with friends, his little step-brother.
DISLIKES: mornings, cheery people in the morning, brussel sprouts, his mother and her new husband, wool (because he’s allergic).
HABITS: smoking, ridiculously overpriced coffee and indulging in his collection of bass guitars. Michael is also very particular about his hygiene, which he claims it is only because he likes to smell good.
VICES: his temper and getting into pub fights


Eustace met his future wife, Denise, while backpacking through Europe after University. They
met at a very busy cafe in Berlin when Eustace was bumped by another patron into dropping his coffee on the floor, next to where Denise was sitting. Grateful that he hadn’t dropped the hot coffee into Denise’ lap, they struck up a conversation as she helped him clean up and realised they were both from the same side of England. Denise was in Berlin for a work conference (a lie, since she was furthering her schooling in Potions with a German Potions Master and had just finished).

The two fell in love quickly and Eustace proposed when they both returned to England. They were married within months, but not before Denise confessed to her muggle fiance that she was a witch. Eustace was shocked at first, but being brought up without any notions of religion, he was able to accept Denise’s abilities very easily.

Michael was born barely a year later after his parents marriage. Eustace had started working as a muggle Dentist while Denise stayed at home and looked after little Michael. However, Denise always wanted her own career as well, and open her own Potions shop. Eustace thought it was more important that she stay at home and raise their son, since he made enough to keep them all comfortable.

Their marriage was never the same after a very heated argument about the subject of Denise working in the magical world, and Michael grew up with parents who were very distant and cold towards one another. Eventually, Denise had an affair with a wizard when Michael was fourteen, and left Michael and Eustace to be with her lover. His parents divorced and Michael decided to stay with his father, having not been able to forgive his mother for her indiscretion. Three years ago, Denise had another son named Adam and though Michael dislikes his mother and step-father very much, he adores his little brother and would do anything for him.

After Hogwarts, Michael didn’t know what to do with his life. He made good grades but didn’t want to work in the magical world. His father, who played the guitar and introduced Michael to music as a means for Michael to channel his energy into, let Michael stay with him and has been very understanding that Michael doesn’t know what to do as a career.

Six months ago, Michael auditioned for a muggle band called Insane Hook that was looking for a bass player. He’s the youngest member in the band, but he gave the best audition and so he plays nightly with the band at a local pub.

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