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To a Good Home (or a Shitty One, I don't Care)

Michael Corner


To a Good Home (or a Shitty One, I don't Care)

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squint pissed
(December 29, 1998)

[Advert for All]

One size 3 solid gold cauldron free to whomever wants it. First come, first serve. Has never been used and in brand new condition. Will deliver within Britain.

As luck would have it, I have rid myself of the blasted cauldron. Good riddance. Thanks for those who showed interest in it.


Oi, what are you doing for New Year's? I need to get good and pissed.
  • Michael

    I would be happy to get you well and pissed, as long as you promise to do the same in return.
    • Re: Michael

      Oi, as if I'd leave you in the lurch! Fool. How about we take care of the other but for Merlin's sake we are not doing firewhiskey shots like last time. It took me a near week for me to recover from that.
      • Terry

        Where's your sense of adventure mate?!
        • Re: Terry

          The last time it ended up in the loo. Repeatedly. And before that, I think some on the sidewalk but you would know better than I on that one.

          By the way, do you want a new cauldron?
          • Michael

            That...might be a good idea. I just melted one of Granddad's this afternoon. Maybe he won't notice if I replace it.
            • Re: Michael

              Fuck me, mate; if you managed to melt the cauldron I think you mean promise me not to go near any cauldrons again. What on earth were you brewing???
              • Terry

                Uhh....something new. I had an idea!

                ....it didn't turn out well
                • To Terry

                  That's putting it mildly. Ever notice how some of your ideas tend to work out that way?

                  I'll send the cauldron over in the morning.

                  Never Never Land sound good?
                  • Michael

                    That's half the fun! Even if Granddad didn't think so...

                    I never say no to Never Never Land!
  • Responding to the public advert via Owl

    Michael Corner, I believe you'll remember me from our years at Hogwarts. I'm interested in the size 3 cauldron you've advertised though I would like details as to why you're so keen on ridding yourself of a prized cauldron.

    Do let me know,
    Adrian Pucey
    • Pucey

      Oh, I remember.

      The cauldron has already been claimed and given to its new owner.

      So sorry, but thank you for your interest.

      M. Corner
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