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April 2nd, 2008

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07:50 am - the truth of our human conditions
Yosh spoke to me about forming a small Inklings-style circle for writing. It will be a good way to steer our writing towards the greater goal of glorifiying God. 

I often wonder if a conscious and deliberate decision to glorify God in one's writings eventually restrict a more important (I think? perhaps just equally important) aim: writing the truth. And when I mean truth, I mean truth about one's human condition, more so than factual truth of this happened here, where and what. Secondly, an attempt to write for God may end up walking along the lines of being inspirational and kitschy, which is pretty low and simplistic art, imo. 

This is the root not just of an argument about artistic principles between God and I, but also for pretty much everything in my life. 

But this Inklings thing that Yosh is planning can only be good, if not great. I long for a constructive and non-pretentious writing community. And if I can't love God directly and shape my art as a consequence, perhaps I can start by making my love for art love God. 

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