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User:karcy (19274)
Life Notes
aku sekadar blogger biasa
Name:Karcy R.
Website:Life Letters: LJ
Location:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bio:"When she's serious she's angsty, when she's angsty she's almost funny. When she's funny she still sounds serious." - > quote from Mauvecloud.

I write these entries as letters from my current self to the rest of the world, much like the motivation of keeping a real diary. There are a lot of thoughts that go in. There is plenty of catharsis. Sometimes I self-moderate. Sometimes I don’t.
Interests:62: 393, adrien brody, ammy/waka, animation, anthropology, art, bangsa malaysia, beauty, books, borneo, christianity, cultural theory, education, english, erotica, fanart, fanfiction, farish noor, haruka/kantarou, history, homi bhabha, john keats, kuala lumpur, kuching, languages, laptops, libraries, literary theory, literature, malay world, malaysia, manga, mathematics, methodist, modernism, music, notebooks, nusantara, okami, performance poetry, philosophy, piano, playstation 2, poetry, poetry events, politics, religions, sarawak, singapore, sociology, southeast asia, stanley fish, stylistics, tactics, tony pua, victoria's secret, video games, visual arts, wayang kulit, wikipedia, writing, ziauddin sardar
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, kanimaki, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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