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Ally «my eyes are on you yeah» ([info]kickawesome) wrote,
@ 2009-07-11 19:00:00

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Entry tags:char: felix ackerly, fanfic, fanfic: flavors, rp: valesco

[Fic] Flavors: Felix Ackerly

.: Concerned :.
Character(s): Felix Ackerly, Dianna Dobbs
Summary: Heavy snogging leads to tears? Huh?
Rating: PG-13
Publication Date: 26 July 2011
Snogging Dianna was like a dream come true for Felix. Bollocks to the dizzy daydreams he used to have about Glenda Chittock! This was the real thing. This was what it felt like to be hopelessly lovesick for someone. He only hoped that she felt the same, though he doubted that could be true. They had only been dating for a month. This was still a fledgling relationship in Felix’s eyes. Of course, that didn’t stop him from being bonkers for Dianna. She was the most wonderful woman he’d ever met, after all.

Glasses of wine sat to the side on Felix’s coffee table, the pair were aside each other, sitting on the couch, as they passionately kissed. Felix held her face in one hand and gently clutched her fingers in the other as Dianna held onto him like her life depended on it. Soon, she was actually climbing onto his lap, which startled Felix, but also made him feel a little giddy. He kissed her quickly on the lips before smiling.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world?” he asked.

Dianna simply giggled and kissed him more. Felix smiled against her lips, feeling his own start to swell from use, and ran his lightly pulled his fingers through her long, silky hair. Dianna wiggled closer on his lap and pressed her face up against his so their foreheads were touching. They traded smiles and Felix swallowed softly as he stared heavily into her eyes.

“So, what are we going to do tonight?” she asked with a suggestive grin as she scratched lightly at his chest.

“Um,” he murmured as he used two fingers to push a stray blonde lock behind her ear. “Well, I’m enjoying myself and we definitely don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Dianna answered with a light laugh before giving him a coy look. She put her hands to his shoulders and pushed him backward, down onto the couch. Straddling Felix’s abdomen with one leg tucked into couch and the other brushing her foot on the floor, she swooped down to claim a breathtaking kiss. Granted, every kiss from Dianna was breathtaking to Felix, but this one was more-so. He felt dazed. So dazed that he dumbly stared at her with his lips slightly parted as she smiled and brought his hand to touch the outside of her thigh. His fingers instinctively trailed up to her hip for a light grip as she leaned down for another kiss, which Felix promptly lost himself in.

Felix was simply mesmerized by every movement Dianna made. Every brush of her fingertips along his neck and down the chest of his t-shirt delighted him. The softness of her scent was intoxicating and the feel of her weight rising and falling with each breath made him wonder if he was dreaming. When she was soon smiling against his neck, he couldn’t help his own smile. How was he this lucky? She was perfect.

The coy look was back on Dianna’s face as she rose up before standing off of Felix, his hands pitifully slipping away from her as he upturned his perplexed expression. The first thing she did was take off her earrings, which struck him as odd, but he watched her put them to the coffee table. Then she took a hold of her skirt and twisted it until the crease was at her fingertips. His eyes widened and Dianna gave him a knowing grin.

“Dianna, wait,” Felix said as he quickly sat up and held up a hand. “Just... wait.”

“Why?” she asked as her brow furrowed in confusion, hands still poised to unzip her skirt.

Felix mouthed for words that didn’t come and he stared up at her. “Don’t you think we should wait?”

“Wait for what?”

Felix sighed and sat forward. “I don’t want it to be just a shag, you know?”

Her brow rose as her face screwed up in further confusion. “But that’s all it ever is.”

“No,” Felix said intently. “No, it’s not.”

Dianna scoffed and fixed her skirt before swiftly collecting her purse and shoes. “If you don’t want to shag me that’s all you had to say,” she said as she went, sounding hurt.

Felix blinked, taken aback. “That’s not what I meant at all.”

“I think it’s exactly what you meant,” she continued, voice starting to quake. “Shag or don’t shag, that’s all we’re good for!”

He was quickly on his feet as she rounded the couch, headed for the door. “Dianna, wait. Please, can’t we talk about this? Why would you say such a thing? You’re not -- you’re not just a shag to me.”

She halted at the door and turned. There were tears in her eyes and if Felix wasn’t completely baffled and concerned before, he definitely was, now.

“It’s just words,” she said with sudden anger. “If you wanted me, you’d take me the first chance you got!”

“No. That’s not...” Felix said in bewilderment as he cautiously approached her. “Is that how some other bloke treated you?” he asked with a frown.

Her lips pursed as she seemed to fight off more emotion. “That’s none of your business,” she hissed and turned to grab the door handle.

“Dianna, please,” he pleaded at her side. “I want to understand.”

“I think I’ve explained well enough,” she huffed before taking in a great sniff and yanking the door open. “Don’t owl,” she said tightly before turning up her nose. She took two steps and turned on her heel. She was then gone in a soft pop.

Bewildered, Felix shut his flat’s door and wandered back to the couch. Flopping down into a seat he wiped a hand over his face and tried to process the previous five minutes. None of it made sense. They couldn’t just be done like that. They couldn’t just be done because he didn’t want to take advantage of her. That didn’t make any sense.

Felix leaned forward and scooped Dianna’s earrings up off the coffee table. He held them tight in his palm before sighing to release the tension and opening his hand to stare at the pretty little things. Standing up, he shoved the earrings into his pocket and went to find a bit of parchment and his self-inking quill. Dianna had said not to owl her, but she hadn’t said he couldn’t owl her brother to return her earrings and hopefully, get some answers for her meltdown in return. return to top

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