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Kuroitenshi; Lord of Demogynous Chaos ([info]kuroitenshi) wrote,
@ 2012-09-11 01:15:00

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Current mood: amused

OMFG I'm rolling right now.

http://smoctopinions.tumblr.com At this.

It is someone that seems clearly bitter about SMOCT, perhaps they were in it before or they couldn't draw and so they ended up being thrown out or they don't like someone that was in it. I feel like it's GJ all over again. But this time with the me not caring part. I mean, there isn't a whole like I could do other than ask tumblr to take my stuff down, they are just going to put more stuff up and troll even more. I'd love to leave some comments on there if I could, just have fun with it. Yep, an amusing night.

Also, CHRISTINE WON MASTERCHEF!!! OMFGBBQ! I'm so happy~ She deserved it~

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