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Kuroitenshi; Lord of Demogynous Chaos ([info]kuroitenshi) wrote,
@ 2012-12-02 15:08:00

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Current mood: nostalgic

A new month already. >___>. Sorry I really don't remember this place most days. My mind is concerned with trying to catch up on things or if I work or something like that. *shrugs* I remember when someone had to pry me off places like this. Now, I mean the attitude I have is NOT the "I can't be bothered" but more the it slipped my mind. Must be my "old" age.

Nov moved...well a little too quick, I spent nearly every day beading. I'm so sick of it and I still have 2 pieces I need to finish. Ug, I need to finish them this week since they are technically sold. I was holding off on them because of the craft show which SUCKED. I used more money to eat than I did in sales the whole weekend. The only nice thing was I got to see Frankenmuth in snow. And I had some good food and a REALLY good vanilla chai latte (the only coffee related drink I'll touch).

So 3 weeks of my life gone until I sell the pieces I did. Even a few of them would be nice.

Slowly working on getting presents for the few friends I exchange with as well as getting Christmas cards ready to go out. The first 9 are ready to go out tomorrow, which is good though I need to make sure I write it all down so I'm not double sending or anything or making sure I also don't forget anyone.

Thanksgiving was very nice, though I beaded for like 2+ hours there and read this book called Agenda 21, it is a really good thriller if you like those kind of books. It was also nice to see my brother-in-law's family, they are really nice people. I can only hope I get that lucky with my someday spouse.

Then there has been this weekend. I haven't worked on caricatures mostly since the beginning of Sept, the good news, every time I take time away from it, when I come back to it I'm always a bit stronger at it. I drew one of my bro to be my example piece, I put him in a Santa suit next to Rudolph, it looks pretty cool, so cool this boy last night wanted the "exact" same thing. Heh heh. And then I did one of my friend's daughter, I still need to get that out to her. But back to this weekend. I took my bro festive caricature and my tools and headed to work on Friday. It was slow to start, but by the end of the night I had done a really nice amount of sales. It felt great to leave that and come home for the night. I returned on Sat, trying to avoid the crowds already and it was a busy night, though I had some moments where I wasn't doing much, I still ended up making even more in sales than Friday. To the point my manager actually said good job, he doesn't do that often. Today I'm really feeling it though, I'm dragging a bit, I'll make it work and at least some of the week I'll have off to recover.

Also yesterday I started thinking on an old character that got pushed aside when my exfriend and I parted ways. Firstly because of connections, secondly I didn't know what to do with him because well he was a character that had been on the back burner even with them for awhile. I had lost him, pretty much his motivations, feelings, reactions to things. All the stuff that would make him stand out as his own person. So, I started thinking on him, maybe I could bring him back to the world he was in, but he needed not only a new look but some personality tweaking. I started sketching, right now the one I have of him he looks too old because I had been designed to look younger, but the hair and his nose I think are where I want them. Then I rolled over his personality and backstory in my mind for awhile (this while I wasn't drawing) and some of the old personality came back, so I knew what I was working with. I made himself a list of notes of things I was going to keep and change. The biggest is I'm not sure if he's a real vampire or he's so mentally gone he THINKS he's a vampire. I'm going to have to talk to the person I'll be RPing him with if they think one sounds better than the other. I also miss doing bigger RP groups, but every one of those I join it dies in about a month so I think I'm cursed.

Enough of my rambling, enjoy.

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2013-01-02 08:57 am UTC (link)
What are you beading? I love your Christmas card, I have your bookmark in my new Gregory Maguire book, "The Next Queen of Heaven"

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2013-01-02 02:30 pm UTC (link)
I was doing mostly peyote stitched stuff. I have all of it up on my etsy account.

I'm so glad that you like~ Wow I didn't know he put out another book. I haven't kept up with anyone in a long while.

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