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August 26th, 2008

SHarecon report @ 03:16 pm

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Con report, muddled, please remind and fix me, attendees. :)

I've learned to say "Thank you" graciously, because dayum, people, you made me feel so loved.

I arrived on Wednesday and stayed with my other-fandom friend [info]mrshamill in Herndon, VA, for Wednesday afternoon and through until Thursday afternoon, when she and her lovely daughter delivered me right to the hotel after a wonderful trip to the aquarium and inner harbor in Baltimore.

Arrived, when straight to my room, for [info]enednoviel, Marion, had called me and told me what room number we had, and there she was, my dear, dear friend, live, real, and in person! Much squeeing sounded from Room 410, people.

Gathered in the lobby with several other folks - Kimberly, Jen Kenobi-Hutchinson, Snowraven, um...Kat?  It's been too many days and too little sleep already. Pepper. CC. I know there were more...

Went to dinner at Outback with Marion and YUM.

I honestly don't remember anything else for that night...someone fill me think we got to be in the room? I'm not sure.

The rest of the weekend, or what I'm remembering off the top of my head:

Helped Marion put bookmarks in the Boys in Blue zines. Met OMG LORRAINE BREVIG and SUZAN LOVETT OMG. OMG. DANA AUSTIN MARSH. Did I say, OMG? Met Flamingo and SHaron and OMG. I think I spent half the con on my knees fangirling people like the artists and Candy Apple and Pepper and Sue and Dana (over and over) and and....


Meeting people in real life after fashioning a vision of them in my head is always a mind-spinner for me. Pepper is not at all like I had imagined her, nor Sue nor Flamingo, but oddly enough, Candy Apple was *just* like I had imagined her. Heh. If you've ever built a picture of my in your mind, and in that mind of yours I'm a fat, curly-wavy-haired redhead in glasses with a Torino-styled pedicure, you have it right.

Bought Tshirts and mugs and a necklace from Martha Bonds. (More fangirling there.)

Charity auction was...GOOD GOLLY. SO much wonderful stuff and nearly all of it sold right there in the room. I know I kept hearing my own voice placing

The awards. Pepper and Susan earning the Paula Wilshe award was icing on the Starsky & Hutch cake. Just having my name LISTED was a cherry for me, and I am so pleased to know these two women, who have enhanced my fannish life so much.

Vid show Saturday was....sublime. My god. So many fantastic vids, some old ones from tape which were, to a vidder's eye, an absolutely wonderful history lesson. Flamingo showed one, Tiranog showed one, Xtexan showed a ton, and Marion's Superman!!!! Have I told you all how much I love that vid? THIS MUCH!!!!!

I was very much in relief when my vids received the applause they did. It's very different being in the room with others, actively watching one's work, than sending a story out into the ether and waiting for people to tell you they liked it/didn't like it, or else say nothing at all. The energy felt incredible and it makes me want to jump at my vidding list and create a thousand more.

Due to a completely understandable oversight, one of my vids and one of Marion's that we'd sent in weren't shown Saturday night, so we got a mini show on Sunday morning courtesy Flamingo, which felt just as energetic as the previous night. God, I love fandom.

Did I say I was going to write a story based on Golden Angel? Was that me? I seem to recall my mouth opening and those words flying out of it...and I've not been allowed to forget it, either. Heh.

At one point on Sunday I know that Hutchlover and I won Jeopardy, and then the creative packing began. Zines. Gifties. ART, OMG. ART!!!!!!! God bless Marion for giving me the art she drew for my story in the Boys in Blue zine, (PEOPLE GET THIS ZINE, it's GORGEOUS and some of the best stories I've ever read, and no, I don't mean mine) and Lorraine for providing the foam core to safely keep it flat on the trip home.

In case those of you who knew of my packing and repacking wondered how it went, my case weighed in at 45lbs and I didn't have to unload any of it into carryons. (Of course, back home at PDX, my case never showed up on the carousel - turns out it got put on an earlier flight to PDX and was sitting in a big storage lockbox.)

Dinner Sunday evening was so wonderful. Never in my life would I think I would sit at a table and eat with Sue, Marion, Martha, Flamingo, Candy Apple and Cathy "Apple", her mother, and Suzan Lovett directly behind me, bumping chairs with me. It was like living in a dream.

Said goodbye to many Sunday night as we were all fairly scattering that night or Monday. Linda Cabrillo, Martha, Sabrina...whomever I miss, please know it's not because it wasn't that you didn't make an impression, it's that I'm jet lagged and fuzzy brained. Of course, the false fire alarm didn't help! :D Poor Marion, when I told her we had to leave the building, she didn't believe me, but after I had stuck my head out the door to see what everyone else was doing, and DAM pointed to the end of the hall and said, "The stairs are OVER THERE", you don't disobey. *G* Pulled on shorts, shoes, my jacket over my sleep shirt, grabbed my phone and Palm and we headed out. Just as we got to the end of the hall, the alarm shut off. Turns out some "kids"  had pulled the handle downstairs. That and the disturbed woman Saturday night and the cops and helicopter Sunday night made for exciting times!

Monday morning - I told Marion, I probably shouldn't bother putting on eye makeup, I'll just cry it off later. And I did - right on her shoulder. It struck me, when Flamingo and Anne arrived with the van, that I was sitting in the lobby with a bunch of people that weren't coming to the airport with me. I mean, STRUCK me. I had to say goodbye then and there to Flamingo, Kimberly, Dawn (or were you in the van? Damn, I can't think!) (Yes! Dawn was in the van, it was Jen Kenobi-Hutchinson I left behind, boooohoooooo...I think...gah!! But yay for bi-fandom friends, lol!) and worst of all, Marion. I hope her shirt recovers from the eyeliner leakage. I love you and missed you the moment the van pulled away.

And I hope the "Funny things said at SHarecon" list gets posted - some things are just too funny to forget.

People, I'm still feeling like I'm moving on an airplane, swaying and bouncing.

Posting vids next, then trying to start my day.

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True Reflections

Overwhelmed with the Ordinary