July 20th, 2008

New Icons! @ 09:27 pm

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I just want to show off the cute new icon I got. Fireez calls it "when fangirls attack!".

I have another new one, from the same cute whatever this one is from. After all, I'm an angel ;). A naughty one, yes, but hey, who said angels can't be naughty? :P

There's a bunch of new icons. It's icon-hunt day!

January 14th, 2008

Meet the Choir @ 07:37 pm

The main fronters

The host/original body inhabitant. Fireez is a bit complicated - she's not one person per se, but is more often than not a person formed out of the mesh of the girl who was born into the body and the unicorn spirit that came into the body right after birth. They might split up and re-merge spontaneously, but usually see themselves as one being.
Personality-wise, she's a bit of a loner who usually feels overwhelmed when confronted with new people. She's also a big geek with a passion for all things scientific. When cornered or in a bad mood, she'll usually get snarky, catty and downright vicious. But then, it takes a lot to anger her, since she's usually very tolerant and forgiving.
On the inside, she usually has green eyes, silvery hair and white skin, with a small blue star on her forehead (think the Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn). But she can shapeshift into both a full unicorn form and some kind of demon/gargoyle (don't ask, nobody knows where she got that one).

Malak (Mal)
Fireez calls him her evil twin brother, a title which he revels in. Even if he's usually not evil at all. He started life as a villain/anti-hero character for a fantasy pbem game, but quickly developed a sparkling personality beyond the game. Yes, he's very demanding and attention-hogging - a real brat. But very cute at it. He's the life of every party, and usually the first person who'll strike up a conversation with any newcomers, both in and outside of the system. He has the bad habit of adopting female members of other systems as his sisters ;) so beware. Also, he's an outrageous flirt, who will throw innuendo around like it's part of normal conversation. Mal's a very sexual creature, who will gladly TMI you about everything, including his kinks, of which he has quite a few. When provoked, he'll get extremely snarky and hurtful, and he can carry a grudge all the way to his grave.
He's half-elven, with pointy ears, silver eyes and longish blonde hair. He's a very pretty guy, and he knows it.

The eldest. His background is a never-written parallel history/fantasy cross-over novel in which the Roman Empire still exists, and in which pyrokineticists like himself are the strong arm of an army controlled by empaths and mind-benders. He's not very social and can come across as a bit stand-offish and cold, which is mainly a form of self-defense. His personal history has left him deeply scarred both in body and mind, and he suffers from frequent bouts of depression. He's got a very keen sense of justice, and will defend his family tooth and claw. Said family, which is made up of Ash and little Floria, is pretty much the center of his life and happyness, and he'll do anything for them. All in all, he's a good and honorable man, which is why he's entrusted with the position of system enforcer, alongside Demon!Fireez.
He's human, with blue eyes and short black hair that usually looks like he's just fallen out of bed.

One of the few outsourced bonds. She used to be a mercinary commander, and now (inofficially) runs the Choir. She's very outspoken and self-assured, which makes her come across as insensitive and blunt sometimes. But that's just the way she is. She cares deeply about the people around her, most of all her husband Draco and their little girl, Floria. She laughs a lot and is an unshakable optimist most of the time. She loves animals (mostly horses and dogs) and little children, the latter of which will make her go from tough merc to floofy mommy in under a second. Oh, and if she really wants something, she usually gets it.
Ash is human, with ashen-blonde hair and light brown eyes. Her most distinctive features are her facial scars, which, in her own and pretty much everybody else's opinion, give her a kind of strange, exotic beauty.

The Quiet Ones

Katharina (Kathy)
A vampire from the middle ages, Kathy is a very strange person indeed. Her mind is pretty messed up, and she can go from lucid to psychotic in a matter of minutes. She is a kind of mad oracle - her ability to assess other people's mental states and pinpoint their problems is almost scary, but you never know when she's seeing things that are there, and when it's things that are just there in her mind. Her train of thought can be quite hard to follow, which makes conversation with her difficult at times. Her usual outward appearance personality-wise is that of a teenage girl, and she has a lot of "girly" interests like clothes, make-up, boys and cute, pink, glittery stuff. Which makes it all the more scary when she goes into full mad vampire mode.
She looks human, with pale skin, blonde curls and blue eyes.

A vampire from present-day NYC. Arrogant, brutal, bitchy - but so much fun at it. She loves to party and dance all night. She also has a gun fetish. Show her a gun, and she'll probably go all "ooooh" and "aaaah" over it. She doesn't live in headspace most of the time, but sort of switches between there and her homeworld, where she lives in an appartment together with her husband, who's also a vampire. She and Malak share some kinks, and a few personality traits, which lead to him sometimes visiting her world and going on a hunting trip with her. She hasn't got a very high opinion of humans, but supernatural abilities will gain her respect.
Soraya looks human, with slightly tanned skin, smooth black hair and dark brown eyes. Built like the predator she is.

The daughter of Ash and Draco. Still a toddler, but already the center of attention ;).

Floria's baby brother.

aka he who must not be named. Or rather, doesn't want to. People would judge. Not that he'd care much, but Fireez would. She gets paradoxically protective over him. He never posts, and hardly talks to anyone besides Fireez and Kathy. Very volatile in his thoughts and emotions, and exiled because of it.