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Karin ([info]might_badtouch) wrote,
@ 2009-11-21 08:34:00

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ic;04 where she's been since my hiatus!
This royally sucks.

I had to go back to America for my Mom, who got sick and finally showed her face after a few years, and now Apple's trying not to give me the same hours I had before. I already told them I've got other things like class to worry about. Ugh, my homework piled up so bad.

Just tell me now if I should start replacing anything that got stolen if my apartment was broken into while I was gone. I won't even bitch about making you pay for them if it can be covered under one paycheck. This time.

[private;hackable] Note to self: re-work budget to put a little money aside for visiting Mom again. Little things like abandoning you after the divorce don't matter when someone's got cancer and is dying and seeing you is her only wish. (Even though if she's dying, I don't see why she can't pay for me to come there considering she's not gonna need it soon and she's leaving it to me as long as I continue playing nice and come see her when she wants.) [/private]

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