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Karin ([info]might_badtouch) wrote,
@ 2009-09-06 14:19:00

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Entry tags:app, ooc

Character's Name: Karin
Character's Age: 20
Character's Model: Twinkie-chan
Year in School: Junior - She's a recent transfer!
Major / Minor: Business Major / Computer Programming Minor
Clubs / Activities / Job?: She has an internship at the school library, shelving books and coming up with better systems for keeping them orderly (so there's little she's actually learning other than patience with the other interns, but she's getting class credit for it anyway). Karin's also a Mac genius at Apple, and will model for you if you are super mega awesome hot ask really, really nicely.

Background History:

Karin grew up in a upper-middle class family consisting of herself, her Father, and a poodle that should have died years ago. She was naturally intelligent, enough so that she didn't need to study much, but did it anyway because she liked to. Reading was a passion of hers, and early on she found she needed glasses. Up until a certain point, years later, they were chunky and unattractive but eventually she dished out the money for the more fashionable models of glasses.

That point came in some time during middle school, when she gained a better sense of how much money she had relative to those around her. An attitude finally kicked in that changed her into a popular, rich snob. Her friendships were shallow and she hid her passions for reading, dyed her hair some pretty weird colours, and let her grades drop (into B and C territory; she wasn't going to flunk herself) because she was more interested in keeping her posse around and entertained, despite not much liking any of the girls within it.

Promiscuity was the next step in keeping herself atop the friend food chain; Karin often stole boys from under the noses of girls who so adored her, so long as the guy was hot and she thought he'd make a nice trophy boyfriend. Some time around midterms, sophomore year, she wound up losing her big-bad-V to a (damn fine) senior that asked her to model for a painting he was doing. After finding that to be a pretty nice ordeal, Karin was game to bang who she wanted, when she wanted.

Anyone that called her "loose", however, was subject to being beat to a bloodied pulp whenever she found their sorry asses; Karin never had the best of tempers.

She went to a community college where she did little more than hang with her posse, party and drink, and when her grades went down Daddy dearest started to take away spending privileges of hers. This didn't sit well, of course (and Karin never admitted that her nerdy side had caught up and realised what a spiral down her life had taken) and she told him something along the lines of: "Screw you. I'm done here. I'm going to go live with Mom in China or whatever."

Karin's mother had moved to Europe years before, but she wound up attending school in Japan anyway. She'd printed out a list of schools that were relevant to her interests and played something similar to MASH with them all until it narrowed down to that one university.

Two months before the start of her junior year, she went for training in California to become a Mac genius (for the sake of money and self-reliance, since Karin was refusing cash from her Father out of stubbornness), and went onward to Japan.

Personality / Likes & Dislikes:

Karin will first come off as a very unpleasant person, as long as you aren't a her "type" (tall, dark, handsome, male), because she honestly isn't the nicest or sweetest banana of the bunch. She'll keep her glasses on at all times around those who aren't her type, because she sees no need to appeal to anyone she doesn't want to screw. Its rare she'll be caught smiling, upper lip often curled if only subtly, because every little thing can be such a terrible nuisance to her.

And anything can set her off, because Karin is essentially a ticking time bomb that will explode again, and again, and again until you get the point, and after that she might explode once more. She tolerates nothing that she doesn't want to, and has a mean right and left hook (and her kicks are all the worst).

She's a terribly dirty female, obsessed with boyhunting even after she's given up a life as a Total Party-girl. For hours she could sit and stare, mind focused on fantasies of hot guys and the awful things she wants to do to the lot of them. For her ideal man, she'll act coy and remove her glasses just so the flutter of her eyelashes can have that much more of an effect on him, if he's not caught-up staring at her pouty lips or at the slight glimpse of cleavage she may or may not be showing.

At times she's a bit creepy, fantasies aside. Karin can be quite the stalker if there's someone she's interested in. She can and will find their contact information, whether or not she even learned his name.

There is little more to her outside of her personality as a Bitch and a Flirt; its a wonder she was ever popular. She doesn't let things upset her, choosing to act out in anger rather than sadness, and doesn't force and feign happiness for the sake of others. The time when Karin is least honest to herself and others is when her perversion is addressed, in which case she will fluster yet deny it to high heaven, possibly while delivering punches. Karin is self-centred, straight-forward (with the exclusion of how she acts when trying to get nookie), diabolical and driven mostly by her own aggression.

First person writing sample:

To anyone that might be reading this (though I cant imagine why anyone would be up now. 7 AM is such a horrible hour of the morning. In Japan, anyway. I bet its mid-day in Cali, niiice and warm. I could be out getting a tan right now, and instead I'm counting down the minutes to class):


A bigger size, if you can find it. One half & half, one sugar. If a cafe latte is available, that would work, too.

Or tea. Or a red bull. Or an IV injection of caffeine. I don't care what it is, but I want need it. I've already hit my snooze as many times as I can. Any longer and I'm gonna be cutting into class time. I don't even think I can do my hair today.

Boo fucking hoo. That class is awful, anyway. It's not like I want to go again, OK?

Imagine this: its first week, I walk in. Everyone there is a mega-nerd with pocket protectors and the same lame haircut that looks like their beauty-school-dropout Aunt Gertrude did it with her eyes closed and -- they're just ew. I don't want to think about them any more than I have to. Why would I want to go back a second time? Other than, you know, because I'm paying for it. Shut up.

Class starts in 10, btw. I should probably keep an eye on the clock.

Anyway, so back what I was trying to say? I'm still jetlagging, which it total bull. I've been here for like, what? Two and a half weeks? I should be over that. Hello, internal alarm clock. Time to get with the times. I should probably google some tricks to getting over jet-lag on my break between classes today.

[edit, a few hours later] Look who decided to show up second day of class. ♥ Hottie alert. My faith in this course has been restored.

Third person writing sample:

This one time at summer camp, Karin had been sent home because she threw someone's pet lizard into the lake. That very someone, a stupid girl Karin can't remember the name of, had found the ugly little creature in the woods one day, and claimed it was her pet. She paraded around with it, and kept pushing it in Karin's face, over and over and over. Finally, Karin grew annoyed enough that she threatened to drown the animal if she brought it near her one more time.

The girl didn't listen, so Karin wrenched it out of her hands and flung it into the awaiting body of water, and when freaked out Karin pushed her in, too, just so she didn't have to hear her.

Maybe it was for pushing the nameless girl in that Karin got suspended from that camp some thirteen years back, but that wasn't what was important. What mattered is that t it was the first time that Karin had felt that snap, that quick crossing of the delicate line between zen and enraged. She could tell when it was coming, that strange building up in her chest and head, and most of the time she just let it slip out with a punch or a scream, but there were times when she had to keep herself in check.

Now was one of those times.

"Are you sure the blue one doesn't come in 5-gig?" The woman asked for the umpteenth time, holding the iPod in question up in Karins face like it would help her add another gigabite. "I really need one with five."

"It comes with four, eight, and sixteen, ma'am," Karin said, eyes nearly crossing to look at the music player. It was held so close that it bumped her nose, and Karin snapped the pen she'd been holding between her hands, knuckles pale.

If it wouldn't get her fired, if she didn't really need to get a paycheck each week, Karin would have gladly smacked the offending iPod down to the floor and punched the equally offending old woman (morals clearly weren't made for people of Karin's generation). She'd have punched her right between the eyes.

Man, did she hate having to be patient with customers.

Other Notes:
- Karin bites her lip a lot when she's thinking naughty things.
- Her toenails are usually painted bright lime green, or they are not painted at all.
- Her lipgloss is cool, her lipgloss be poppin. She's standing at her locker, and all the boys keep stoppin'.
- She dyes her hair when its necessary, but usually her roots do show.
- Her sense of style isn't half as good as she likes to think it is.
- She manages to look hot in what she wears anyway.

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