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princess serenity, hbic. ([info]mikipinku) wrote,
@ 2011-07-25 15:22:00

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otp quotes . work always in progress

Martin & Nicole;

      ♥♥♥ of quips + quidditch

"If you're going to talk about me like a piece of meat, you could at least get it right, Boot."
"You can't tell me how to refer to you in politically incorrect ways, Nick. Because I'M THE MAN IN THIS RELATIONSHIP AND I SAY SO."

"Hey Nick... did we break up again?"

"You're a heartless woman. I bet Odette MacFarlan would have done it."
"Maybe you should go date Odette MacFarlan, then."

"So your brother passed you up in manliness. It happens."
We are broken up now."

"Well YOU'RE just not funny. I'M hilarious."

"Never suspected you for a cradle-robber though."
"And I never suspected you for a slut----ohh wait, no, that's not entirely true."

"...can we do this everytime we fight...?"

"Yea, you don't need to say it. I'm a fucking idiot."
"You know.... I'm here, for... whatever. I'm not going to leave, even if you tell me to. And... I don't think you're an idiot, so just--stop it."

"...why'd you let me kiss you, anyways?"
"I... don't know. I wanted to, I guess."

"C'mon! It's not fair. It's my birthday. I make the rules. Clothes. Off." .... "And you SAID you'd get naked. So far the candles are blown out, but you're still decent. Get UN-decent, damnit."

"If you keep holding off, I'm gonna need a nap by the time I get what I want. I don't believe in any of that shite. Gimme now. Now now now."

"Well. The way I figure it is... you're great in bed... and I'm great in bed... and, let's face it, you just can't get enough of this body.. so... why not? We've already covered the fact that you don't entirely hate my guts."

"Okay, fine. I'm going to get a little more decent for every second that you can't convince me that wanting to date me doesn't have everything to do with sex for you."
"Ok... Ok. I want to date you. And not just because of the sex, even though that is..." he gave her two thumbs up. "That is great. Better than great. Stupendous. And it's not just because you're a class A hottie, either."

"You know, apart from calling me a psycho bitch, I think that was almost... partially... in some highly obscure manner... slightly sweet."

"And let's face it, I'm really lucky that there aren't a million little bastard Martins or Martinas running around."

"Ok, so here's the plan. Let's go back to your place... or mine I'm not picky... take a shower, have the non-baby-making kind of sex, and then go out to dinner. Sound good? Brilliant."

"Who won?! Who won?! You fucking git, is that all you care about!? You almost killed yourself today! What the hell were you thinking, Bardera?! You crazy, stupid..."

"I was scared, Nick. Really fucking scared."

"Merlin's fucking left nut, here we go again."

Derek & Meredith;

      ♥♥♥ of hair-pulling + hitwizardry

"Meredith, I'm---yours?" "Mine? Meredith, I hardly know you!"

"Are you sure you should be taking an examination in your condition?"
"My condition? What are you---oh fuck it all, did I screw up my hair that badly?"

"Hang on just a second, exactly why do you think I'm here, my Meredith?"
"The reason why you seem to pop out everywhere I am--to ruin my life!"

"Not so fast, my Meredith. Unfortunately, I am not joking about being here strictly for business, and I do believe you've just cheeked a Wizard of the law."
"Oooh, a wizard of the law. I'm so sorry, Mister Hitwizard, to have cheeked such a fine and upstanding law enforcer as yourself."

"You want the alcohol? Have it." With that, she threw the contents of the glass at him and turned around to storm off once more.



"You're going to charge me!? You're the one who threw me down into the fucking sand and are currently sitting on me in a rather inappropriate manner! I should take YOU up on charges of sexual assault!"
"Inappropriate manner? You practically gave chase after assaulting me!"
"Did you see me run away? Did you see me run away!?"

"Hey, wait! What the hell are you trying to pull on me? I know you're not this nice, so drop it."
"Not nice!" Not nice. She said he wasn't nice. That was ridiculous. That was bollocks, actually, because he was super nice. He was so nice. Who was she to call him not nice, look who was talking! She was the she-devil. She was the one who tried to puncture his wrist with her sharply-shaped nails. All he did was tackle her. "I am nice!"
"You are not!"

"WHAT IS YOUR DEAL!? Can you not just leave me alone!"

"What in 'I hate you, Derek, don't speak to me ever again' was unclear? Do you need me to go over it with you again to get it straight in your head, or maybe just whack you over the head to get my point across?"

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go enjoy the company of the empty spaces on other side of the hall."

"But see, that's why we can't be friends, because you're always tugging at my pigtails like some little kid on a school playground, and I'm tired of it!"
"You despise and want to slap me halfway to next Wednesday because I pull your braids?"

"I cannot believe you just asked me that. You look like bloody murder and here you are asking me if I'm okay. Good Merlin, Dobbs."

"Now really, why are you here? Did you trip over that enormous ego of yours and fall down a flight of stairs?"

"You know, it--it does-- it's just nice to see your face."

"Bet you're glad I'm not in my puce robes today, though, eh? I think even the staff had enough of that color."

"I don't have to be anywhere, I just thought you'd want to--sleep, or something. I can stay and---I don't know, I can stay and talk--if you want, I mean."
"You don't have to."
"I want to, alright?"


"This is patently untrue, I never assume people devote themselves to me unless they explicitly say so. And that was rather implicit."

"I happen to think my nickname for you is endearing, but since it seems to offend your senses so badly, I am willing to nix its usage for two months."
"... why just two months?"
"Okay, okay, two and a half."

"Excuse me, is there a reason you're still talking to me?"

"[You're] The girlfriend, right? I'm so sorry."
"Pity dutifully appreciated, but I have enough for meself. Derek is quite the handful."

Christian & Ingrid;

      ♥♥♥ of opposites + inopportune situations

"I wouldn't want you to get bored with me and move onto some other girl. Then I'd have to take her down and there would be blood and all that... hardly a lovely picture to draw. Everyone would lose."

"Stay. Can't you?"

"I'm pretty unforgettable, you know."

"But I can totally understand why you'd be nervous, I mean... Merlin, I've just practically got a harem of them following me around back at school."
"I think... that no one in your harem can kiss you like that. And I also think that you know that."

"Next holiday is Easter, no? Try not to run off with any strapping young Hogwarts boys until then, yea?"

"Running from hitwizards... what next, shall we rob Gringott's?"

"So, since robbing high-security banks are clearly out of the question - at least for today - What would you like to do?"
"Darn it, and I was so hoping that we'd get to really bond over some illegal activities while I had you here."

"I'm sorry. It's just... you do something to me. You make me feel absolutely nutters. Like I'm going insane, yanno?"

"But I also know I need you right now."
"I need you, too."

"Now, I know this is a foreign concept to you Gryffindors... but we should pace ourselves, don't you think? Because if you keep at it like that, I'm going to take you in there, and not let you out again."
"I don't believe we even know the meaning of the words 'pace ourselves.'"

"Though last I checked Gryffindors couldn't really count that high. And their Shakespeare? Bloody awful at best."

"I thought we'd already discussed that going from Ravenclaw to Gryffindor was a downgrade?"

"Definitely tragic. But you know what else was a tragedy? Romeo and Juliet."
"Gryffindors aren't good with Shakespeare. Isn't that what you told me?"

"New tragedy... too many clothes."

"Or we could just, you know, lay here and have sex all week long. I think that's the best idea."

"I shouldn't have left. Back in Diagon. I completely lost it. I never do that. You just know how to drive a bloke completely crazy, don't you?"

"I'm pregnant, Christian."
"...What? I-I mean.... what?"

"...Ingrid. As much as I love the back of you... you think you might turn over to tell me just how much shite we're in?"

"...And the idea that my parents are probably never going to forgive me when I tell them tomorrow that I chose you over them."
"Shit, Ing... Shit. You're insane. You're absolutely...."
"I'm insane, but I've never been surer that there's no other choice. There's just you."

"That's very bossy of you, love. What's the occassion? Harem-party?"

"I'm going to die, or something similarly dramatic."

"... I knew it. You're going to turn me into a crackwhore."
"Drat, you've discovered my plan. My plan to turn you into a crackwhore. That way I could supply you with crack-sweets... but only in return for excellent shagging."

"I think I can safely say that I'm the only bloke I know that can safely say he's dating an obliging crackwhore. My friends will be so jealous."
"You're obviously just so lucky to have me, in all my crackwhorishness."

"Hey, at least I didn't ask for a diamond ring or something! Or a yacht---you know, on second thought, a yacht would be nice. Get on that, would you?"
"You're becoming a demanding crackwhore."

"...Fine, do what you want. You're going to anyway."
"Yeah, you're right, I am because you're being ridiculous."

"Wow. An act of maturity, Ing? I'm proud."
"I know. Don't die of shock there, if you can help it."

Cael & Cecilia;

      ♥♥♥ of secrets + scandals

"You're amusing, Cael Gray. You somehow seem to think that a man has ever refused an offer I've made."

"Right. I keep forgetting how important 'proper behavior' is to you."

"Be spontaneous. Do something you've always wanted to do but never thought you could. Be daring, not reckless. Think for yourself. Have your own opinion on something instead of just going along with what's been drilled into your head your entire life. Eat more than one piece of cake. Drink from the carton. Go to the market without a list and buy whatever you throw in your cart. Dance around your house in your underwear. Sing in the shower - loudly. Eat dessert for breakfast. Eat breakfast for dinner."

“Besides…yer makin’ it seem like whoever is responsible committed some sorta crime, buyin’ a drink for such a pretty girl.”

“So…come here often?”
"Not terribly."

"What is it with you and I and bars?"

“If you’d like for me to stay…I’ll stay. Otherwise, I’ll take the hint and get outta your hair for the night. Just tell me what you want."
"You should... stay."

Rhys & Juliet;

      ♥♥♥ of twins + bare tolerance

"After much consideration, I've decided that did I have a bastard child of my own, I would definitely starve it to death."

"I see that everyone else loves dear Nibbles."
"Did someone drop you on your head when you were a child?"

"I feel like utter shit. I think I'll blame it on Rhys Nott."

"I love that you're always thinking of me."
"Do you love that I do it as I vomit?"

"Will you cut the shit already. Is it really that hard for you to move---Fine. Whatever. "
"Oooh, someone's testy."

"I can just feel the excitement in your penmanship."
"Is it? I had hoped so."

"What now?"
"Just imagining a particularly enticing scenario of your death."

"Childhood dream."
"Is the childhood dream still on the floor?"

"Do you want me to bring anything home?"
"---------- Come again?"
"Don't make me ask you again."

"I would like a divorce."

"Fortunately the world knows you are unrealistically strong for your body mass."

"Oh that reminds me. I'm sure Hamilton will be overjoyed to hear that his favorite sister-in-law will be going back to England. When should I tell him you'll be arriving?"
"Perhaps our marriage is not in complete shambles after all."

"It wasn't ten minutes ago that I finished berating a Parisian shop owner for no reason other than being that he was a Parisian shop owner."
"Very good! I can continue on with my day in peace."


"Name them whatever you want."

"I know it's incredibly hard for you to do, but try to trust me here."
"That is a very large request."

"Where in the hell did you get the delusion that I like you?"
"Oh. I get it--- right, okay. I hate you too. Does that make you feel better?"

"How's the baby?"
"F is for Fine. Tragically. It is also, however, for Fuck You."
"You're so Sweet To Me."

""His name is Nibbles. I expect you treat it as you would with our children."

"You are aware that it is physically impossible for a wizard to technically have a chinchilla as a legitimate child?"

“I am breaking up with you.”
“I’m not going to acknowledge this.”

“What is your problem, exactly?”
"I have no problem, Rhys. Not now that that shit-eating grin is off your face."

"You're mad because you broke up with me, and now you don't know how to deal with me."

"I am--- trying---- to show concern. For you."

"I would really like to kick you off a ledge right now."


"So, I trust the children are doing well? I do hope you have someone watching over them, as I see the nanny has come along with you."
"Tell me, do you even remember what they look like? Their names, perhaps?"

"Fine. You win. I was wrong to leave."
"I---ah, I... see, then."

Grayson & Ophelia;

      ♥♥♥ of death eaters + disturbing behaviour

"I'm engaged to a man I've never met and who I'm supposed to meet here tonight, and I'm certain he's somewhere watching me in the intestest of playing games with my mind and I'm completely and utterly a wreck about the whole thing. There. You've got it out of me."
"Then this, I think, would not be a terribly good way to cheer your spirits?" Grayson offered her the box.

"You've removed your gloves, you're smiling at me... what can I attribute this good mood to?"

"Stay with me tonight. Nothing improper..."

"Retire? Surely that sounds less than innocent."

"I'm so sorry, but... but I can't--can't marry you, Grayson--so sorry it's--it's not--I can't--"
"Then perhaps ... you should leave, Ophelia, before your ... mother arrives."

"I said it a thousand times before, I'm sorry. I still am."

"Truthfully, I think that if I had married you, if that was all it was, no strings attatched... that I could have been happy."

"I assume you feel as if you're betraying your boyfriend, but of course ... we're only having dinner."

"Then if it was pointless and a mistake to let me sit here and try to explain this to you, try to resolve this... why are you still sitting here listening?"
"I was thinking of having some lunch."

"I love you. You know that, don't you?"
"I think you've required that I manage to figure it out on my own."

"...As much as I enjoy languishing in sin, I am terribly traditional when it all comes down to it."

"You should know, that I'm very fond of you. I hadn't imagined that after ... what transpired between us that I would have any desire to see you again, but my ... feelings persisted. And now ... I am glad that they have. You make me happier than I expected ever to be in the most unexpected ways, and I would be most pleased to have your hand in marriage, if you will offer it."
"Alright, then. Since you asked so nicely."

"I think you should know that you're going to be a father."
"Well. Excellent, then."

"I'm going to pay Caitlin to tell my brother."
"I could tell him."
"No, Grayson."
"But why?"
"You know why."
"I'll be nice."

"I would so lament her absence, truly. But who am I to impede upon the important task of spending time with one's mother?"
"Yes, I know it's difficult to part with such a stunning woman, but I'm sure you will somehow move on. And I shall continue to be utterly selfish in keeping her to myself."
"I do hope she makes your day as bright as she has mine."

"So, you'll all never guess what I have."
"New jewelry? You do have that."
"Because buying me things makes every problem better."
"Well, it did get you to talk to me. I consider this an improvement."

"Not even very strong and manly gushing...? Not even for your daughter?"
"That's not fair."

"Should I ask why ow, or would I be wasting my time because all you'er going to do is avoid the answer?"
"I was attacked by a crazy person."

"Then who is this mysterious 'crazy person'?"
"...and you were attacked by your completely sane brother why?"
"I may or may not have provoked him slightly."

"So let me get this straight. You got in a fight with Amery. With a knife."

Adam & Willow;

      ♥♥♥ of harpies + happy surprises

Quotes go here

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