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princess serenity, hbic. ([info]mikipinku) wrote,
@ 2013-02-12 18:00:00

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VIRUS statuses

Cecilia Hooke;

      ☠☠☠ rolled a ... 「1

She doesn't get it bad at all, but she's a drama queen so she's probably acting like it's a lot more terrible than it is for her. Not MUCH, though, 'cause Cael is sicker than her and she would feel bad if she was too busy complaining about her own problems to take care of him. Given that she barely leaves the house, she probably got it from him, but that's also the same reason that she will probably get no worse, with nothing super stressful going on in her life at the moment except tending to a sick boyfriend.

Alex Smith;

      ☠☠☠ rolled a ... 「6

Poor baby is allll alone feeling like death! It's likely that he caught it from someone at work, and the second he found out he would have told Gracie to keep Zac as far away from him as humanly possible. I imagine that he waited until the hallucinations started to check himself into the hospital because he's a ~tough guy~. I think he's gonna suffer for a while on this, because once they find out that it's Muggle medicine that can cure it, he won't be super excited to go that route cause... you know. He Has Issues so either he will go towards thinking he'll die and finally take it, or get over it on his own with time.

Ophelia Wilkes;

      ☠☠☠ rolled a ... 「5

Ophelia is half-ready to off herself. Not only are her symptoms severe enough to be extremely hampering to her daily life, including the ever-so-fun hallucinations and spells of vertigo, but she can't take care of herself because not only is her husband in worse shape, but Anastasiya is fairly sick as well. I don't see her getting over this easily or quickly simply because she has 0 time to rest with her full focus on the rest of her family.

Amaryllis Chambers;

      ☠☠☠ rolled a ... 「7

I am not sure if she is going to live or die, but she is gonna go within a hair's width of it if she doesn't. Definitely has it the worst of all my babies, and is despairing right now because she can't be around her pride and joy, Cosette, while she's sick. Not that she's awake most of the time to think about that.

Nicole Boot;

      ☠☠☠ rolled a ... 「3

This is nothing like last time, but isn't it just her luck that she contracts it again? Before, she let it get worse and worse without doing anything because it was the middle of championship season and she wanted to play in the finals. This time, Martin hasn't let her do anything of the sort and so I imagine she has been practically tied to the bed until she gets better so that we have no more Mishaps. After everything from before, she is likely to reluctantly agree with this treatment.

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