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mildly_absurd ([info]mildly_absurd) wrote,
@ 2008-09-06 23:01:00

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Current mood: contemplative

See past it all
It would be interesting to be able to read people’s minds. To just sit in a corner and hear their conversations with themselves. I wonder if everyone is really the same when they are alone. If when in the only place where they think no one is listening they shed all those skins they have been wearing and be the true person they are. I wonder if anyone can read my mind. I wonder if they know that I am different when I am alone too. That I am not that girl who laughs at every bad joke, or is always smiling and happy. I wonder if they know that all those excuses are really just excuses.

If a person could read someone’s mind, could know that person better then any other, would they still like that person, still hate that person? Without a skin you’re just muscle and bone, all the ingredients to make a perfect living thing. No brown hair, no green eyes, no oddly placed freckle on your thumb. I wonder how different we would be if we all could read minds.

Or perhaps we wouldn’t change at all.

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