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mildly_absurd ([info]mildly_absurd) wrote,
@ 2008-10-07 22:25:00

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Current mood: amused

Setting sail once more...
My life is slowly starting up again from this dream I was living in. It’s an odd sense to fall back in a groove that never seems to be the same, and yet you know you are falling into it, it’s like coming home.

I have this idea that is running rampant in my mind, yet I can’t seem to get myself to pursue it. I wonder if it is my procrastination kicking in or if the time isn’t right for it. Maybe it must stew in my head a bit longer before it is ripe enough to be plucked. Then again, some fruit ripen faster off the plant.

I am falling once more as the time draws near for that final leap. That chance to cast myself out there and see what I catch…or what catches me. I wonder if I am ready, will ever be ready? Am I slacking to much… am I as much a loser as I seem to think?

At least my roommates are back, I am no longer surrounded by loneliness. It doesn’t matter how much I talk to them, just their presence reminds me there is a world outside of my head…plus I don’t talk to myself as much when they are around.

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