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5/10/08 12:48 am - A glimpse of a dream.

You desire it with a passion that surpasses even the strongest of feelings in body. Your blinded by it, entrenched in it, and want nothing more then to drown in it. It can take you so fast to where you want to be, then leaves you wondering what had been in control, you or it. Nothing seems to matter anymore but getting that feeling back, but how? And why can’t you call it up on your own. It’s a feeling that makes everything seem brighter around you, purging you from the darkness. It’s a short lived dream that seems to surface whenever it feels like showing itself, uncaring of when you actually need it.

Some people have dreams, others have goals….then there are some, who don’t have anything but small glimpses of a desire to be something more.

5/10/08 12:47 am - Chasing that dream

It moves to fast for many to understand, changing every time you can get a grasp on it. Its shape changes as you hold it; slowly slipping from your grasp, then shoots off into the distance. You run, as fast as your human body will allow you, but it is uncatchable, unattainable. You may try as much as you like buts its speed and ever-changing state leaves it nothing but an unquenchable desire burning out your insides, searing your soul with a heat so intense you wonder if anything could make it stop. You know your task is futile but you cannot quit, you have to keep going. Everything is against you, you know you will never make it, but you have to go on. You have to keep chasing it, keep fallowing it, and keep desiring it. This urge to have it has made you forget why you even started going after it. Everything else is just a passing memory.

5/10/08 12:46 am - It’s coming.

It seems to move so fast, gaining speed the closer it gets to the falls.

Can one overcome the drop?

Or will they be smashed in the overwhelming sensation that they no longer have control...

5/10/08 12:46 am - Monday, Monday

Live with life until you can live life. It takes many small things to come together before you can finally do things on your own. Whether it is age, wealth, friendship or some other menial thing that holds you back from true freedom, you must live with it for in the future when you do break away you will be all the better for it.

5/10/08 12:45 am - Humanity: a word now forgotten.

Who lies for the sake of truth?

Who swindles for the sake of honesty?

Who fights for the sake of peace?

In the end it seems we all do.


5/10/08 12:43 am - I expect tomorrow will be a whole lot better.

What an odd way to live life, on the edge of expectation. Only to find yourself at a sore loss when the verdict comes in. Who's idea was it to live for the future?

The present seems unaccounted for.

5/10/08 12:41 am - My babble amuses me.

The salvation of the future lies in the past. Of all the things we learn and what we are expected to learn. To understand what has happened and why it occurred can lead to future circumstances coming out for the better. Everything we need to know is either documented or can be guessed by historians. The past they say repeats itself, and by all accounts it does.

5/9/08 11:22 pm - How?

How high is high,

When you look to the sky?

How long is long,

When you measure the Milky Way?

How much is too much,

When your counting your heartbeats?

How far is far,

When your chasing your dreams?

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