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[Jan. 23rd, 2008|01:19 pm]
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So, today, since I have homework due tomorrow, I plan on getting at least one of the assignments done and turned in. Hopefully both, so I can devote tomorrow to getting the last assignment of the week in. Algebra is still kicking my ass, so to speak. I'm passing, but it feels like I'm just passing, even though it's like a high B average. It's this whole I have ti get A's mentality of mine. I feel like a failure if I don't make an A in a class. I should get over myself and be willing to settle for a B, but I jst have a block against it.

Let's see, what else. Am still a little in shock about Heath Ledger. And I wish people would get jumping to conclusions about how he died and under what circumstances until the investigation is over. And that the media will leave it alone and allow the man's family to grieve privately. I would not say I was his biggest fan, but I enjoyed his work and though he an excellent actor, and I am still looking forward to the Dark Knight. From everything I've seen, he blows Jack Nicholson's Joker out of the water. Which means I will probably not be sleeping the night that I finally see the movie. I certainly didn't sleep when I saw the Batman with Jack Nicholson.

Chris actually went to sleep at a decent hour last night. Only thing is, when Danny woke up to get ready for work, Chris was birght eyed and bushy tailed which meant mommy had to get up too. We had breakfast, and he's been playing quietly all morning and just settled down for his morning nap. Which is funny to me because usually this is when we would be eating breakfast. I hope this trend continues.

He's trying to walk now. He pulls himself up on the furniture and walks while holding mine or danny's hand. He will definitely be a handful when we go to Dallas for his first birthday.