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WHAT....THE HELL??!!!! [Feb. 10th, 2008|10:16 pm]
[Current Mood | emo]

So Kevin IM's me while i'm chatting up my friends in AIM, and we start to talking.  And then he drops the bombshell on me.  <a href="http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2008-02-10-scheider-obit_N.htm?csp=34">What the hell, man?</a>  Ok, don't get me wrong, at 75 and from a disease, apparently, since he was in the hospital when he died and that he had been getting treatments for Multiple Myeloma, it's not quite as shocking as Heath Ledger's death, but still.  This is Captain Bridger to my seaQuest Fandom.  this is Martin Brody of Jaws.  This is a LEGEND!

I'm sure I'm not the only one of my fandom weeping and ranting right now.
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[Feb. 8th, 2008|06:18 pm]
[Current Mood | annoyed]

So, yesterday, blerg, not a fun day at all. Had to get up too early in the morning. Go to the parenting class, which really feels like it's geared to people with older kids or worse issues than letting the housework fall behind. The road conditions yesterday SUCKED. So we're driving to the class on icy hilly curvy roads. Yeah, it sucked.

At least by the time the class got out, the roads were clear, and we were able to head to the mall for some nummy goodness at lunchtime. After that we headed home. Chris and I played around, I copied down my assignments for Algebra, and then played a little mario Galaxy. Right now, the levels are pretty easy, but I've only gotten the main stars. I haven't gone in for the "hidden" stars. I wanna see how few stars I can get to beat the game. I guess I'm weird like that.

then there was the New parent support group meeting, and marilyn helped me lower the mattress in Chris's crib so he can actually start getting used to sleeping in his own room in his own bed. I straightened up a bit, got dishes soaking in the sink, wiped down the counters, picked up some trash, did laundry, and got my homework done all before Danny came home. then we went out to Best buy to pick up a wireless mouse for my laptop, so there's one less cord for chris to pull on, and a battery charger for my camera, so mom will stop hasseling me about the pics and i can actually update his website with new pictures. i'm sure you will all be thrilled.

I also picked up a new jump drive. Two gb, because I'm getting close to filling the one gb i have. and since i fully intend on screencapping the entirety of seaQuest here soon, I figured the two gigs would come in handy. Of course, Danny just wanted to buy a new portable hard drive, but that's more money so we would have to save up for that, and how does that help me. so we got into a bit of an argument. Not a loud one, but just one where I got annoyed, and then he says, "fine get it" But he knows that I know that i won't because he told me to just to shut me up. and he realised it after he said it. I did get it though

And we found an entertainment center there that we are getting next payperiod. it's really nice.

and then hell broke loose at home. Don't want to go into it, but i think more and more we need counseling. Soon. It's getting crazy here.

But Chris slept a good portion of the night in his own bed before waking up screaming for food and comfort, so Danny and i let him sleep with us again. And then in the morning i put him in his playpen to sleep. but he's up for now.

And I have a math midterm to take today. And homework due today. It sucksss!!!!

And on another note, i'm seriously thinking of just deleting this journal.  I really haven't seen much here that I like, and what I do like is better at insanejournal.  I haven't gotten around to finding alot of people, and considering i'm the only one with alot of the interests that matter to me, I doubt I am going to find anyone at all that shares any of them.  Plus, this whole five icon thing is ridiculous.  i can get fifteen at lj and a hundred from ij for free.  So yeah, We shall have to see, but meh.
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X-posted from IJ [Feb. 4th, 2008|12:05 pm]
[Current Mood | tired]

It feels like it's been a long ass week. At least it feels like it's been. For the most part it's been a pretty good week. Been keeping up with housework and Chris, which is no easy task. The kid gets up in the morning and then just won't quit. If I'm lucky, he'll sit in his bouncer or high chair long enough to allow me to get dishes done or start the laundry. Not always, but enough that the housework stays done. Chris seems to be getting another tooth, which means my nights are still interupted sleep at best. Unless I give in and hold him throughout the night. When he's in pain, he gets to be really clingy and very needy but it's ok because don't we all? It just leads to a very cranky me is all.

I finished doing the layouts for this journal, my writing journal, and all my character journals for both </a></b></a>[info]femenino and </a></b></a>[info]rainbosunnydale. Well, most of them anyways, I'm bringing in one more character to RS, yet another werewolf with the PB Jimmi Simpson because he is just too damned adorable. Has a bit of history with Dreavyn, as she is the one who bit him, mostly cause he wouldn't leave her alone. she calls him Scud cause he can find her like a guided missile. lol.

I'm still annoyed at my math class, because he has only graded the dropbox assignments and none of the discussion assignments, so that's close to half the assignments still needing to be graded. So I don't really know how I am doing in the fucking class and it's rather annoying. I have an eighty nine based on the assignments he has bothered to grade, but until I know the grades I won't know what I'm truly making in the class. I feel like Anya. I hate Math.

Online games are going good. We're finally getting into one of the bigger plot developments in Femenino and we're still building up RS. RS probably won't get running til the end of the month, which is fine by me because then all my math will have been done and i won't have to worry about it. But we are working out plot points and backstory for certain characters. For instance, right now Debi and i are talking for Femenino of doing a short little scene where we NPC the youngest Osbourne, Jordy. Just to really set in the fact it's been five years since Frankie's death. Which got me looking at JTT photos all night long, cause that's our PB for Jordy, and holy hell, he was hot before but he's really filled out now! I mean, damn! By the way, don't let me look at celebrity photos when I'm hyped up on caffeine and sugar and am completely sleep deprived. The Plot Bunnies have not left me alone since. Save me! oh well, if nothing else, I should have some new material for </a></b></a>[info]renewing_xhopex Which I really think I want to change the header for it. It looks kinda dumb, and I'm not a fan of the text. It was late, and I was doing all my journals, so I threw something together without thinking and got crap.

I wish the tabletop Exalted game were going better. Don't get me wrong, I love my character the DM, the NPC/PC and Danny's character. They are fun, the plot has been fun, and the game itself has me looking forward to the weekend. But there's this one player. At first, it was a problem that his character kept doing things that his character would know better than to do, but we chalked it up to an inexperienced player. But it's been several months and his character keeps making mistakes. And not new mistakes. THE SAME DAMNED MISTAKES OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! It's beyond frustrating, and when we try to point these things out to him, he gets all defensive and doesn't try to change it at all. So I think we're going to talk to the DM and find out what we can do about that player. I am also thinking of not having my character continually trying to keep his alive. Cause it's ridiculous to the point of not being fun.
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[Jan. 23rd, 2008|01:19 pm]
So, today, since I have homework due tomorrow, I plan on getting at least one of the assignments done and turned in. Hopefully both, so I can devote tomorrow to getting the last assignment of the week in. Algebra is still kicking my ass, so to speak. I'm passing, but it feels like I'm just passing, even though it's like a high B average. It's this whole I have ti get A's mentality of mine. I feel like a failure if I don't make an A in a class. I should get over myself and be willing to settle for a B, but I jst have a block against it.

Let's see, what else. Am still a little in shock about Heath Ledger. And I wish people would get jumping to conclusions about how he died and under what circumstances until the investigation is over. And that the media will leave it alone and allow the man's family to grieve privately. I would not say I was his biggest fan, but I enjoyed his work and though he an excellent actor, and I am still looking forward to the Dark Knight. From everything I've seen, he blows Jack Nicholson's Joker out of the water. Which means I will probably not be sleeping the night that I finally see the movie. I certainly didn't sleep when I saw the Batman with Jack Nicholson.

Chris actually went to sleep at a decent hour last night. Only thing is, when Danny woke up to get ready for work, Chris was birght eyed and bushy tailed which meant mommy had to get up too. We had breakfast, and he's been playing quietly all morning and just settled down for his morning nap. Which is funny to me because usually this is when we would be eating breakfast. I hope this trend continues.

He's trying to walk now. He pulls himself up on the furniture and walks while holding mine or danny's hand. He will definitely be a handful when we go to Dallas for his first birthday.
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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??!! [Jan. 21st, 2008|10:53 pm]
[Current Mood | frustrated]

Grrr. Just grrr. Can somebody please explain to me why in the hell my professor decided to have our first assignment due TOMORROW when today was MLK Jr Birthday? A Holiday??!! So stupid me thought I would have til Wednesday for the first fucking assignment, but noooooo, so I will be up all night studying cause I just realised that the first assignment is due tomorrow. GRRRR.

Let's see, what else is going on in my life. Danny and I went shopping today. We needed diapers, a safety gate or two to keep Christopher out of places he shouldn't be, and more spoons and sleepers for him. We got all that at Target. Then we went to the Office Depot to see if we could find a cheap, but sturdy desk. None of the desks were in our price range, so we left. Went to jack in the box so Danny can has cheezburger. I no like jack in the box, so we were going to go to the mall.

We ended up making a detour back home because somebody *cough*danny*cough* forgot his wallet so we had to go back and get it. Aggravation and arguing ensued and we almost called it a day.

We didn't. We went to the mall instead. I went to McDonalds so I can has cheezburger. I spilled my fries, so they had to give me more, then we went to Hot Topic. Picked up the cutest little onesie for Chris. It has Vader on it and says Who's your Daddy. Perfect geekwear for our little geek.

Went to Waldenbooks, picked up the last book in the Outstreched shadow series, and a baby cookbook. So I can makes babyfood at home if I want. It looks like it's geared more babies one year and up, but we shall see.

Then it back home, played my Mage some more, started a rogue. Had to clean the carpet because Chris threw up his dinner. i'm a little worried, but he's teething, so it shouldn't be unusual, but i'm going to be keeping an eye on him. Then on to check my grades only to find out first assignment due tomorrow.

And we're back in the grr stage again.
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X-posted from IJ [Jan. 19th, 2008|06:07 pm]
[Current Mood |giddy]

So, I fucking hurt right now. My back feels like it's gone out and my legs are sore. I don't even remember what I did that could have caused them to hurt this badly.

So, today was the start of a three day weekend for Danny. I am happy about this. I told my mom to go ahead and get my plane tickets for May and June. I'm going down there for Chris's first birthday. Got some baby food for Chris. It was ten jars for four bucks, so I stocked up, also got him some more infant cereal and then went to Red Lobster. I beginning to think the Red Lobster in the area just sucks. This is the second time we've gone and the food wasn't really worth what we paid.

The Waldenbooks is closing next Saturday, more than likely because the Barnes and Nobles is taking Business from them. And since it is a small store, they can't keep up. So things were 40% off, so I got some books and Danny got some books. Then we went into Kohls cause they were having a great sale on clothes. Danny and I got new pairs of jeans, and Chris got some new clothes, because he's growing like a weed, and he's running out of things that fit. Monday we're clearing out all of his clothes that don't fit and taking them to Good Will on Monday. We need the space. dear God do we need the space.

So, done with another week of class. So far I've got a B in the class. Well, B+, really, since it's an 88%. And one assignment from last week isn't done yet. so here's hoping that it brings my grades up this week. I'm not too worried, this was only the second week, and we have tons of assignments each week. I haven't missed an assignment yet, so things are looking good. I just still hate Math with the very core of my being.

Let's see, what else. Still working on screencapping seaQuest season 2. On the fifth disc. Which happens to have one of my favorite Lucas-centric episodes. My icons are coming along nicely, I think. I think I can finish the fifty in three months. :D i might have to look for other competitions like this one. With more and harder prompts. These are just a little too easy, or maybe I just picked an easy character. Meh.
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So, here I am [Jan. 18th, 2008|11:30 am]
[Current Mood | bored]

Well, I thought I would give this a try, at least.  I wish I could have more icons, but I guess for right now, since I don't plan on using it that much, I will leave it at one.

So, me in a nutshell, twenty six, married, one kid, with a temper.  He needs food now, so more will be later, maybe.
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