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X-posted from IJ [Jan. 19th, 2008|06:07 pm]
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[Current Mood |giddy]

So, I fucking hurt right now. My back feels like it's gone out and my legs are sore. I don't even remember what I did that could have caused them to hurt this badly.

So, today was the start of a three day weekend for Danny. I am happy about this. I told my mom to go ahead and get my plane tickets for May and June. I'm going down there for Chris's first birthday. Got some baby food for Chris. It was ten jars for four bucks, so I stocked up, also got him some more infant cereal and then went to Red Lobster. I beginning to think the Red Lobster in the area just sucks. This is the second time we've gone and the food wasn't really worth what we paid.

The Waldenbooks is closing next Saturday, more than likely because the Barnes and Nobles is taking Business from them. And since it is a small store, they can't keep up. So things were 40% off, so I got some books and Danny got some books. Then we went into Kohls cause they were having a great sale on clothes. Danny and I got new pairs of jeans, and Chris got some new clothes, because he's growing like a weed, and he's running out of things that fit. Monday we're clearing out all of his clothes that don't fit and taking them to Good Will on Monday. We need the space. dear God do we need the space.

So, done with another week of class. So far I've got a B in the class. Well, B+, really, since it's an 88%. And one assignment from last week isn't done yet. so here's hoping that it brings my grades up this week. I'm not too worried, this was only the second week, and we have tons of assignments each week. I haven't missed an assignment yet, so things are looking good. I just still hate Math with the very core of my being.

Let's see, what else. Still working on screencapping seaQuest season 2. On the fifth disc. Which happens to have one of my favorite Lucas-centric episodes. My icons are coming along nicely, I think. I think I can finish the fifty in three months. :D i might have to look for other competitions like this one. With more and harder prompts. These are just a little too easy, or maybe I just picked an easy character. Meh.