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[Feb. 8th, 2008|06:18 pm]
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[Current Mood | annoyed]

So, yesterday, blerg, not a fun day at all. Had to get up too early in the morning. Go to the parenting class, which really feels like it's geared to people with older kids or worse issues than letting the housework fall behind. The road conditions yesterday SUCKED. So we're driving to the class on icy hilly curvy roads. Yeah, it sucked.

At least by the time the class got out, the roads were clear, and we were able to head to the mall for some nummy goodness at lunchtime. After that we headed home. Chris and I played around, I copied down my assignments for Algebra, and then played a little mario Galaxy. Right now, the levels are pretty easy, but I've only gotten the main stars. I haven't gone in for the "hidden" stars. I wanna see how few stars I can get to beat the game. I guess I'm weird like that.

then there was the New parent support group meeting, and marilyn helped me lower the mattress in Chris's crib so he can actually start getting used to sleeping in his own room in his own bed. I straightened up a bit, got dishes soaking in the sink, wiped down the counters, picked up some trash, did laundry, and got my homework done all before Danny came home. then we went out to Best buy to pick up a wireless mouse for my laptop, so there's one less cord for chris to pull on, and a battery charger for my camera, so mom will stop hasseling me about the pics and i can actually update his website with new pictures. i'm sure you will all be thrilled.

I also picked up a new jump drive. Two gb, because I'm getting close to filling the one gb i have. and since i fully intend on screencapping the entirety of seaQuest here soon, I figured the two gigs would come in handy. Of course, Danny just wanted to buy a new portable hard drive, but that's more money so we would have to save up for that, and how does that help me. so we got into a bit of an argument. Not a loud one, but just one where I got annoyed, and then he says, "fine get it" But he knows that I know that i won't because he told me to just to shut me up. and he realised it after he said it. I did get it though

And we found an entertainment center there that we are getting next payperiod. it's really nice.

and then hell broke loose at home. Don't want to go into it, but i think more and more we need counseling. Soon. It's getting crazy here.

But Chris slept a good portion of the night in his own bed before waking up screaming for food and comfort, so Danny and i let him sleep with us again. And then in the morning i put him in his playpen to sleep. but he's up for now.

And I have a math midterm to take today. And homework due today. It sucksss!!!!

And on another note, i'm seriously thinking of just deleting this journal.  I really haven't seen much here that I like, and what I do like is better at insanejournal.  I haven't gotten around to finding alot of people, and considering i'm the only one with alot of the interests that matter to me, I doubt I am going to find anyone at all that shares any of them.  Plus, this whole five icon thing is ridiculous.  i can get fifteen at lj and a hundred from ij for free.  So yeah, We shall have to see, but meh.

[User Picture]From: [info]nevermore
2008-02-09 02:18 pm (UTC)


Should you feel the need to delete your journal and move to IJ. I'm over there @ thepganmistrss. I'm sorry I don't comment much or keep up to date in my own journal. I've been going through alot the last few weeks and its hard to type out something meaningful when you have a 5 month old squirming in your lap.

I agree though, the 5 icons are pretty stupid. Especially when as an early adopter you get something like 150.
[User Picture]From: [info]nalastormhunter
2008-02-10 06:44 am (UTC)


I totally understand the five month old squirming in lap syndrome. I have a case of eight and a half month old in my lap most of the time, and trying to pass College algebra at the same time. Makes life interesting.

I already have an IJ. My RP group moved over when GJ started sinking, so I moved my personal journal there as well. i'll be sure to add you. My IJ there is fading_xhopex.