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ollypop ([info]ollypop) wrote,
@ 2011-10-23 21:02:00

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in character.

FULL NAME: Oliver Daniel Wood
NICKNAMES: Olls, Ollie, Wood.

DATE OF BIRTH: 21-11-1975
FORMER HOUSE & YEAR: Gryffindor - 1994
OCCUPATION: Quidditch keeper
CURRENT RESIDENCE: http://locationworks.com/library.php?reference=34256

Seonaid Wood nee Spencer – 52
Robert Wood - 56
Mother: Oliver gets on very well with his mother; he still pops into see her at least once a week. He likes to treat her occasionally to tickets to a musical or some other thing that she enjoys.
Father: Oliver works quite often with his father as he works in the ministry’s department of finance. They get on very well and rarely argue. Oliver went to see his first quidditch match with his father.

Flying. Charms. Transfiguration.
Potions and Herbology
SPECIAL MAGIC ABILITIES: Animagus – Golden eagle
WAND: 12 ¾ inches Leopard Wood – Dragon Heartstring core
PATRONUS: Golden Eagle
BOGGART: A dead Fred with marks around his neck.


PB: Include a link to icons.

Oliver is six foot tall and weighs in at eleven and a half stone. His eyes are a crystalline blue which change shades depending on his emotions. His hair is often quite messy but when he gets it cut it looks quite tidy. His brown hair often gets natural highlights from the sun with him being outdoors so often. It is because of his passion for the outdoors that Oliver is quite tanned and he has quite a lot of freckles littering his upper body.

Oliver can often be found in a pair of tight jeans and a t shirt, though if he is doing sport he will be in a track suit as it’s usually much more comfortable.


Oliver is a Gryffindor through and through. He is extremely loyal to his friends and this is reflected in every aspect of his life, he is very close to about half a dozen friends, though he does have many more that he isn’t quite so close with. Oliver would never judge anyone by their looks, he would always get to know them first, he knows that looks can be deceiving.

Oliver is still very competitive, this comes out when he plays quidditch, he tends to bark orders to try and get them across to his team. He is also very hard working; he never gives up on something he believes on, quite like a dog with a bone.

Oliver is a switch in the bedroom, at first he was a little wary of bottoming for anyone, but Fred changed his mind about that.
LIKES: Chocolate – Running his shop – Sex – Running – Quidditch!
DISLIKES: Slutty Women – throwing up – injuries that stop him playing quidditch.
HABITS: Rambles when he is nervous – Very precise when it comes to anything quidditch
VICES: Kinky Sex


Oliver was born on the twenty first of November on a particularly stormy night. His mother and father spoilt him a little as a child and it seemed he was flying before he was walking properly. Oliver’s father Robert taught him to fly at the tender age of three and a half. Thankfully he lived in a small wizarding village which meant that he could fly virtually as often as he wanted.

Oliver was home schooled by his mother throughout his child hood, she was a stay at home mother and his father worked in the Ministry of Magic. When Oliver turned eleven he began Hogwarts and was sorted into the house of Gryffindor virtually before the hat actually touched his head. Oliver began to play for his house Quidditch team as a Keeper, in his second year, though during his first ever game he took a Bludger to the head two minutes in, and woke up a week later in the hospital wing.

Throughout his schooling Oliver kept his grades high, his best being charms and potions, his worst being transfiguration, and due to this and his quidditch skills he became quidditch captain in his 5th year, a great privilege in his eyes. He had taken over from Charlie Weasley and was having a great deal of trouble in finding a replacement seeker. Though by luck Harry Potter had caught the eye of their head of house and that problem was soon solved. Due to his competitive nature and his obsession to be the best at Quidditch, Oliver worked his team hard, practicing in all weathers and any time of day that he could book the pitch.

During his time at school Oliver only had one serious relationship and that was with Fred Weasley. During his sixth year they finally got together, though they hid it at first. During the summer between Oliver's 6th and 7th year Fred and Oliver slept with each other for the first time, in a tree house where they had been celebrating Fred's birthday, even though it had been months before. Through Oliver's seventh year he and Fred were more or less dating properly and this continued after he left school.

After leaving Hogwarts, Oliver became a Quidditch player for Puddlemere United's reserve team. In the summer of 1994, the same year he left Hogwarts, he attended the Quidditch World Cup, where he saw Harry Potter along with many members of his old school quidditch team and introduced him to his parents.

Oliver was soon moved up to main keeper for the team, he was only nineteen and the youngest keeper that the team had ever had. Oliver has now set his hopes on playing for Scotland.

1. Oliver Wood bought Quality quidditch supplies when he turned twenty. He goes into the store in the middle of the night to stock take once a month. All paper work regarding the store is kept under lock and key in his office at his home.
2. Oliver has killed someone, though he managed to bring them back.

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