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his royal head boy, apollo. ([info]orange) wrote,
@ 2018-01-01 22:00:00

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Apollo Oldridge. [info]vox_politik






NAME Apollo Quentin Oldridge.
AGE/BIRTHDAY 17 / August 4th, 1979 (Leo).
HOUSE/YEAR 13th / Hufflepuff.
SOCIAL STATUS Somewhere between the higher under of upper middle class and the lower end of upper class. They act wealthier than they are, and their ability to save money means that they can afford a few things that others of their status may not be able to.
Michaelmas: Rugby.
Lent: Lacrosse.
Summer: Sailing.
EXTRACURRICULARS College Chapel Choir.


Though he may not be the most attractive man on the planet, Apollo certainly carries himself like he is - and isn't that the most important part, anyway? Standing at a mere 5'8", he somehow manages to give off the impression that he is at the very least 5'10", if only because he spends a truly disproportionate amount of time working on his posture. His blond - excuse me, golden - hair is always slicked back and every hair is in place, and his teeth - excuse me, his sparkling white teeth - can always be seen because Apollo is always directing his cheesy smile at someone. His skin stays smooth and blemish-free due to an intense skin-care regiment, and it always stays a curious shade of orange even into the winter months due to his slight obsession with tanning. His hate for strenuous physical activity have put him on the skinner end of the spectrum, but he always make sure to keep at least some muscle around. How else is he supposed to fill out those tight shirts?

When it comes to his personal sense of style, at the very least Apollo always looks put-together. Though he likes to go for solid - his wardrobe consists primarily of blacks and whites, with a few colours thrown in there for the summer months - his style is obviously flamboyant. His shirts are always tight-fitting, and he can never wear a button-down shirt without unbuttoning at least the top three buttons in order to show off his so-called amazing pectorals. He also has a certain fondness for turtleneck sweaters, and it is safe to say that he hardly goes a winter's day without wearing one.

PB Eric Christian Olsen.


If there's one thing Apollo does right, it's give a good first impression. While he may be incredibly poncey and embarrassingly cheesy in most respects, his natural charisma and charm help put people at ease, and his excellent memory for names and faces combined with his ability to earnestly listen to people - or at least pretend that he's earnestly listening to people - don't hurt, either. He loves mixing and mingling and meeting all sorts of different people - he's very good at having a ton of casual acquaintances and very few real friends. But, this doesn't bother him in the slightest! His goal in life is to be noticed, and one can't be noticed if one only sticks to one's circle of friends.

Speaking of people, "team" is one of Apollo's favourite words. After all, together everyone achieves more. However, he's only fond of being part of a cohesive unit as long as he's the one in charge. Being named after a Greek god has done him no favours in the ego department, and he honestly believes that he should be in charge of everything, at all times. He does have a natural talent for leadership, but he hasn't quite learned how to take other people's opinions into account. He can be very patronising without meaning it, but this might be because Apollo believes that he is very cool. The Height of Coolness, even. However, his jokes are often lame and he falls just short of being up with everything that is hip and new.

An excellent schmoozer, Apollo loves to wine and dine people with his words. He does it with no ulterior motives, though, unless you count wanting to be liked and respected by absolutely everyone as an ulterior motive. With adults and other authority figures, however, he tends to cross over into brown nosing territory. He showers most everyone he meets with flowery compliments - but he really is a nice person! Being mean causes him physical pain, and though he likes to be in charge he does believe in Truth and Justice and all of those other Noble Ideals that everyone should strive for.

Apollo is also exceptionally hardworking. He gets the job done, so to speak, and very efficiently at that. Despite his appearance of being as bubbly and frivolous as a glass of champagne - which he does so enjoy every once in a while, by the way - he is actually extremely diligent and very good at applying himself. It all comes with the territory of being named after a god - everything from his skin care regiment to his schoolwork is done with the utmost in care, because he certainly can't go around looking shabby and doing shabby work. After all, how are people going to notice him if he doesn't get top marks and if he doesn't look really, really good while doing it?


Just the fact that he is so incredibly cheesy makes him immediately recognisable, and he would like to think that his perfect blond hair should also set him apart from the unwashed masses. However, he's also a force to be reckoned with in the forming-of-connections department, and he does truly aspire to get along with anyone and everyone.


1 Wine.
2 Sailing.
3 Being Politically Correct at all times.
4 Meet & Greets.
5 Teamwork.
Other interests: singing, strawberry daiquiris, getting things done, Claude Debussy, tropical vacations.


1 Strenuous physical activities.
2 Confrontation.
3 Cheap things.
4 Needles.
5 Disorder.
Other dislikes: long hair, coffee, dairy products.


1 Apollo is GAY (surprise). Not so much of a secret anymore, really. The big secret is that Apollo is actually kind of a slut - it would be terribly unseemly for the entire world to know about this, so he does a good job of keeping his extracurricular activities hush-hush.
2 Apollo has no tanlines. Why, you may ask? Because he spends a large portion of his summer - the portion that isn't devoted to sailing, that is - tanning naked on his rooftop. Shh. He would really like for people to think that he's just naturally without tanlines.
3 He has only missed two homework assignments in his life. One was because he caught the flu, and the other was because, in a fit of uncharacteristic teenage rebellion, he decided not to do the assignment because doing so would conflict with his strict Moral Code of Ethics.
4 Surprisingly enough, Apollo is a really fun and wild drunk. He's the sort who will strip down to nothing after two and a half drinks, and even the tiniest of women can drink him under the table. He's also prone to singing loud drinking songs that he learned once while on a trip to Ireland.
5 Apollo has an excellent singing voice.


Best Friends Cameron Stebbins. It's a very...interesting relationship.
Enemies Apollo would like to pride himself in not really having any enemies. However, there are people that he does dislike immensely.
Significant Other He's a stallion. No thank you.
Crush Apollo doesn't feel attraction to Hogwarts boys. And if he does, he makes valiant efforts to repress it. This is because a) it would be so unprofessional, and b) he's quite sure that none of them are gay except for maybe Harold Dingle, but that's just weird. It should be noted that his first crush was Eddie Carmichael, though, when he was thirteen.
Past Relationships Geoffrey the African God (London), Klaus (France), Nikolas the Greek (Brighton).
Turn-Ons a foreign accent, rock-hard abs, sense of humour, a fondness for the finer things in life, a certain robustness, joie de vive, thick curly hair, intelligence, wealth.
Turn-Offs Hmm.


Naval captain - of course, he wasn't a captain then - Alfred Oldridge knew it was a mistake to marry his first wife, Rebecca Jones-Hartley. The Oldridge family had enough money on its own to keep up appearances without having to marry into the even wealthier Jones-Hartley clan, but that had never stopped an Oldridge before. Rebecca was a notoriously unfaithful woman, known for having many affairs on the side while being in a serious relationship. If he were ever asked about it now, Captain Oldridge would have to say that he only married her for the moeny - not that he even got any of the money when they divorced. The marriage ended when he caught his wife naked in bed with one of his midshipmen. That was, as they say, the last straw. The only good thing to come of that marriage was the birth of two children - Apollo Quentin Oldridge and Hera Priscilla Oldridge, born four years after Apollo. The children still keep in contact with their mother, but only under the pretense of birthdays and holidays.

Apollo was six years old when his parents divorced, and spent the next eight years of his life living a happy existence with his younger sister and father. Apollo and Hera get along quite well, mostly because Hera is the more subdued of the two and Apollo is quite comfortable with bossing her around and making her do things for him. Alfred had been steadily moving up the ranks in the British Royal Navy, and was often being deployed to various exotic locations, leaving the children alone with an array of nannies. It was during this eight-year stretch that Apollo not only discovered his love for sailing but also received his letter to attend Hogwarts - both his mother and father had attended the school, though at different times (Captain Oldridge was fond of younger women, as you will soon find out), and it was seen as only natural that Apollo and, some years later Hera, should attend as well.

It was during Apollo's 11th year that Captain Oldridge met the young and vivacious Miranda Woodley. Though Alfred was nearly three times her age - a young and healthy twenty-five to the Captain's sixty - the two hit it off quite nicely (and it didn't hurt that the Woodley family was a considerably wealthy one). They were married only a year later, leaving Apollo and Hera with a stepmother that could very well have been their sister, and Captain Oldridge with a young and rich new wife. He retired his position in the British Royal Navy some months after the marriage, and the two elder Oldridges - elder being a relative term - have spent their days traveling to sunny locales with their children in tow on the summer holidays. Apollo isn't quite sure how he feels about his new stepmother.

Now that it is his final year of school, Captain Oldridge would love for his only son to go into the Navy, but even he knows that it is a ridiculous profession for someone like Apollo. He is now fully supportive of whatever career measures Apollo may want to take, and this may or may not have to do with his newfound youth upon marrying a woman who is young enough to be his daughter.


PLAYER Raina ([info]chopin)
DISCLAIMER Harry Potter's not mine! Apollo's characterization, however, IS. WOO.


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