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orsino thruston loves his triangle ([info]othrusty1) wrote,
@ 2011-12-06 01:52:00

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in character.

FULL NAME: Orsino Christopher Thruston
CHARACTER JOURNAL: [info]othrusty1

DATE OF BIRTH: 19th April, 1976
BLOODLINE: Muggleborn
SEXUALITY: Yes, please.
FORMER HOUSE & YEAR: Hufflepuff, 1994 (left in '93)
OCCUPATION: Drummer for the Weird Sisters
POLITICAL VIEWS: Pineapples are delicious.

PARENTS: David and Sophia Thruston
SIBLINGS: Lysander Adam (32), Portia Katherine (26), Hero Bianca (16)
FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS: He gets along well with most of his family but is closest to Portia as she is a witch and the only other magical person in their family - the rest are all Muggles. O also counts the Weird Sisters as members of his family and is extremely close to all of them.
MARITAL STATUS: Loves his triangle... but other than that... AVAILABLE!

WAND: Sycamore, 10 2/3 inches, unicorn tail hair
PATRONUS: Can not cast one
BOGGART: Shifts forms from varying loved ones, all speaking but no sound coming out. Orsino hates the quiet.


PB: Tre Cool.
Standing at roughly 5'10" (and we mean roughly, because he is never still long enough to be measured), Orsino has a rather long appearance about him. He has long legs and arms, giving him an almost gangly look - especially in his younger years. Thankfully, he has kind of outgrown that gangly appearance and is more in proportion.

He has a long, straight nose and big, wide blue eyes and he often wears eyeliner which draws them out even further. Orsino naturally has reddish-brown hair but sometimes - if he feels the urge - he dyes it different colours to stand out from the crowd even further. As for the actual way he styles his hair, it's usually kept short and spiked up at the front.

Being a part of a band as famous as the Weird Sisters, Orsino knows that he has to make a good impression every time he steps out in public otherwise it could tarnish the band name. He likes to dress in trousers and shirts but he often teams that with a pair of Converse shoes. Blacks, reds, purples and sometimes pinstripes feature a lot in his wardrobe. Conservative yet punkish.

Then again, Orsino has been spotted wearing a blonde wig, thigh high fishnets and a sexy sparkly blue number. So maybe he isn't as conservative in looks after all.


You know that loud kid that sits at the back of the classroom, disturbs the rest of the class and is constantly tapping his foot or drumming out a beat against his desk? Yeah, well, that's Orsino. The little crazy named Muggleborn with way too much energy and not a lot of focus.

He is not really the smartest person around but what he lacks in brains he makes up for with his quirky charm. Orsino always found it easy to make friends and is never intimidated to talk to anyone - including people a lot older than him and in other houses at school. He loves people. But people often wonder where he gets all his energy from and can sometimes feel exhausted after hanging around him for too long.

However, Orsino is quite naive and if it weren't for his band mates pointing him in the right direction he could have easily been manipulated by someone much smarter than him. Or maybe his band mates are manipulating him? Oh well. He has fun and is very passionate about what he does. He loves to entertain - a trait he inherited from both his parents.

There are very few things in life that make Orsino angry but one is saying a bad word about his family (and that includes the Weird Sisters). He knows there are critics out there - some that hate on him because he is Muggleborn and some that hate on the music he makes with the Sisters - and he tries to not let them get to him but sometimes the words hurt. When angry, Orsino tends to go quiet and hides from others. Very few see this side of Orsino (in fact, only his sister Portia and possibly Kirley) as he doesn't like to be seen as sad.

All in all, Orsino is a nice kid. But it's just that... he is still a kid. In fact, if he wasn't a rock star he probably would be eaten alive in the real adult world. He loves to play and one of his idols is Peter Pan.

Hufflepuff Ariens have an extreme abundance of energy; however, the usual Hufflepuff tendency to work hard out of duty is modified by the Aries tendency to value play over work. Therefore, expect long periods of playfulness and seeming indolence punctuated by brief, manic bursts of industry. These Hufflepuffs may also be more ambitious and socially aggressive than average, making them clear leaders in their House. Their emotional warmth, open hearts, madcap sense of humour, and quirky independence will endear them to many people, but their naivete makes for easy exploitation by more ruthless sorts of people.

LIKES: Drums, loud noises (whether he is making them or someone else is) THE WEIRD SISTERS, being in a band, hippogryffs, cupcakes, making prank floo calls to the WWN, eating marshmallows and ice cream for breakfast and cereal for dinner.
DISLIKES: Alphabet soup (there are never enough letters in it to spell his name - something is always missing), the quiet, crusts on his sandwiches, being told "excuse me, Sir, please pull your pants up or I'm going to have to ask you to leave.", pelicans.
HABITS: Always tapping his foot to a beat in his head, hums if the room becomes too quiet, occasional goes to sleep with headphones in.
VICES: He is a ROCKSTAR! He has ALL the vices.


Born on Monday April 19th, 1976, Orsino Christopher Thruston was the second son and third child for former theatre actors David and Sophia Thruston. From the word go, Orsino always was a bit of a live wire - a stark contrast to his two older, much quieter siblings - Lysander and Portia. However, David and Sophia didn't discourage Orsino's boisterous behaviour at all and just figured he was just a normal loud little boy.

When Orsino was six, two significant things happened that year. He became a big brother to a little sister named Hero and had to learn to live with the fact he was no longer the baby of the family. Also, his older sister Portia received a letter to go to a magical school called Hogwarts.

Being Muggles, the Thrustons had no idea what Hogwarts was but one of the Professors came to their house and explained all about it. Orsino wasn't really interested in the school part, although for the two weeks following the Professor's visit little Orsino took to wearing a wizard's hat (which he found in his parents' costume trunk) EVERYWHERE... including to the dinner table. He thought the Wizard Professor looked cool and wanted to be one.

He got his wish when he turned eleven - well, the wizard part at least. His parents were a little shocked at having another magical child in the house but Orsino wasn't bothered by it at all. In fact, he just turned around and said "I told you so!!" and then ran about the house yelling random spell words he picked up from his older sister telling him stories. (Portia was always a good story teller).

At Hogwarts, Orsino was placed in Hufflepuff. He kind of wanted to be a Ravenclaw like his sister but the disappointment of not being in the same house lasted all of five minutes because then there was a Welcoming Fest and food and delicious sugary treats. Can't be upset with sugary treats around.

He wasn't the greatest student as he lacked any real attention span but a number of his fellow Hufflepuffs were patient enough to help him with his course work. He was able to obtain 4 OWLs in his fifth year - Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination and Muggle Studies. However, school clearly wasn't for him and during the Christmas break of his sixth year, Orsino decided not to go back to school or finish his education.

Orsino's greatest passion throughout his whole life was music. He would constantly be tapping along to the wireless or banging out a beat against a table top. Whenever he'd be sitting his foot would tap as if hitting a kick peddle and he has pulled out his Mum's pots and pans many a time to 'make a racket' - as his Dad called it, with a fond smile. And after leaving school, Orsino decided to make drumming his career.

Of course, to make it a career one needed to be in a band - because as awesome as drumming was on it's own, other instruments turned it from awesome to EPIC. In February of 1993, Orsino went to a pub where a little band were playing. They were pretty good but what they needed was a drummer, someone to give the music a beat - a backbone. And Orsino had no qualms with telling the Lead Singer (one, Mr. Myron Wagtail) just that. After a brief audition, Orsino left the pub a full fledged member of the Weird Sisters.

It wasn't long after Orsino joining the band (along with Gideon and Herman on bagpipes and lute) that things started to take off for the Weird Sisters. In '94, they added Merton on the cello and the band were a household name and played on just about every wireless in Wizarding Britain.

Out of all his band mates, Orsino is closet to Kirley. They both have first names longer than their attention spans and both have that fidgety aspect about them. Orsino looks up to Kirley and since his sister Portia - who is his usual confidant - moved to Egypt, Orsino has taken to going to Kirley for advice. Recently, they moved in together in the ultimate rock star bachelor pad, a HOUSEBOAT!!

Everyone has a secret. What is your characters secret? They can have more than one. List here a secret (or a few secrets) your character has. They can be little or big.

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