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Sat, Sep. 19th, 2009 10:53 am

Cursed. Ellie/Jake. 1/?

Lupus Femina
It's hard to run from a werewolf. M/F (Adult)

This obviously isn't going to be a particularly fluffy, cushy story. Hello, sociopathic werewolf boyfriend? But I'm very fond of Ellie. It will probably turn out all right in some form at the end. With lots of sex in between.

He took another measured step closer. Ellie's breath sawed in and out, painful, bones crunching audibly in her chest. She could feel the changes, unfurling through human flesh, hear the low, rough tones of his voice; it was jarring to hear him--him, the guy she'd heard growling her name during sex and laughing her name during dates--casually threatening her life. And she didn't doubt for a moment that he could kill. That he was good at it, even.

"Unfortunately now you both have to die."

Pain whiplashed down her spine. She almost thought the resounding sound of a blow was just her vertabrae cracking spectacularly, but then it repeated, duller, and Jimmy was dragging at her arm. "Up! Up!" He sounded on the verge of hysteria. "He's out! Come on!"

Her legs felt like they were breaking under her, but somehow they were moving. "I...I don't know if I can drive," she panted, agony writhing up and down her spine.

"Drive, kill Jake, or sit there and wait for Jake to wake up and do us!" Jimmy yelped, pulling hard. They were staggering down the steps now.

"We have to..." She screamed as bones slid and restructured in her spine, legs giving out. He pulled her toward the car, then convulsed into a flop over the hood himself, dropping her roughly to the pavement. "--get somewhere safe. We have to lock ourselves in, Jimmy!"

"Maybe if we find the wood--"

"God, Jimmy, what if he wakes up? And comes looking? No, we have to--we have to find somewhere." She was in the car. She had her keys. How--? Jimmy, pressing them into her hands. Ellie drew in a sobbing breath and started the car.

It comes and goes. God, please, let it go-- "Jimmy! Help me think!"

"Okay, okay, I--"

They both screamed as hands slapped down on the window. "Jimmy!"

It was a tall, dark haired boy squinting in at them. Jimmy said something under his breath and opened the door, falling out of the car. "Bo!"

"What are you--" The pain threw her against the steering wheel, a long eerie cry tearing from between her teeth. She could feel her hands going again.

"Oh my god!" A girl's voice, sharp and sweet.

"Okay--okay, please help. We're--"

"I know, I know," Bo said. What? "What's going on?"

"We're changing!" Jimmy said, his voice ragged with the pain. "We've gotta get to somewhere, like, secure! Now!" His voice cracked. "He could wake up and come kill us anytime!"

"Shit," Bo said shakily. She could smell his perspiration, the girl's shampoo; the door was opened from the outside and as she fell, startled, she flung out a hand.

Her fingers tore through leather and plastic like hot butter.

"Jesus!" The girl cried, leaping back. "What's--"

"They're werewolves. It's a long story. Somebody needs to drive!" Bo was pushing Jimmy in the backseat.

"My dad's gonna kill me," the girl said in a high, agitated voice. But then she had her arms around Ellie and was dragging her up off the ground, pushing her in the back next to Jimmy. Ellie closed her eyes tightly against the tempting nearness of her soft, blood-flushed throat.

Then the car was moving. Ellie buried her face in the seat and screamed, her voice raw and breaking, and Bo yelped, "watch the road, Brooke!" Over the chorus of their crunching bones.

She found Jimmy's hand and her fingers bit down, hard. "There's a storage--" Bo was saying, his voice Dopplering in and out in waves, suddenly painfully clear, suddenly camouflaged under the sound of her own heart. "--padlocks--"

She closed her eyes and went under the tide of pain.

When she woke up, it was morning, and Jimmy was shaking her shoulder gently. "Ellie? Ellie?"

She made a soft, sleep-blurred sound. Her cheek was on something cold and hard; her body sprawled over gritty concrete. She was naked, and she hurt.

"I brought some clothes," Brooke was saying, and she sounded much steadier than she had the last time Ellie heard her voice.

Of course she did. The sunlight stabbing at her eyes told her that she'd had the whole night to deal with it. Presumably while Ellie ravened and clawed at the walls.

She remembered the sense of darkness, and claustrophobia, and the need to be moving; the need to be free. "Jimmy?" She asked, and her voice was a raw, hoarse gasp.

"Yeah," he said, and she could hear his relief. "I'm right here."

"Good to know," she mumbled into the tangled curtain of her hair. "Now get me those clothes, would you?"

"He'll totally come after us."

Ellie sipped coffee out of a styrofoam cup and took a shaky breath. "No kidding."

Bo looked between them. "And--I mean, the whole werewolf thing--what are you guys gonna do?"

"The only way to stop it is to kill him," Jimmy said, jumping up and pacing animatedly, working the kinks out of his body. That's right--he'd done this before, hadn't he?

Brooke pressed her lips together. She looked spooked. "So your only options are murder and...?"

"Running." Ellie's voice scraped in her throat; she took another sip. "I guess we have to run."

"He was gonna kill me!" Jimmy protested. "I don't see why we can't fight back."

"We are not going to go by his standards of behavior!" Her voice split the early morning air like a whip. She took a steadying breath. "Let's look at it this way; no more high school."

His expression brightened considerably, then darkened as he glanced at Brooke.

Brooke said steadily, "I'll give you my phone number, okay?"

His whole face lit up. Teenagers, Ellie thought with weary exasperation.

"Your car's pretty trashed," Bo said, dropping the keys into her hand.

"Yeah," she said softly. "Thanks." She'd take out money at the next town, get some clothes and supplies, they'd have to...her body felt sparkling clean and fell of a vibrating carbonated energy, but for a second misery swamped her mind. They'd have to leave everything behind.

"Hey," Jimmy said in a small voice, close, "are you okay?"

Ellie looked up and mustered a smile. "Fine," she said. "Let's get moving, yeah?"

It was the only way. And never let it be said that she didn't rise to the challenge.

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