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A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am ([info]poisonheart) wrote,
@ 2008-05-26 21:49:00

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Current location:the "commfy" chair at chris's
Current mood: cynical
Current music:the fan going around and around.

just came to say goodbye
So work today was, eh slow. The promotion that I put in for that I didn't get because you "had to have six or less attendance points against you" bullshit; to backtrack since I've been away/am away ... I put in for a Quality Assurance Specialist position, where I took the green out of my hair; to look more professional. Anywho, the bitch that they hired her name is Stormy, and she has fucking PINK and BLACK Hair, now what makes pink more professional than green?! GAYGAYGAYGAY. Anyhwo. That's enought about my work issues. During lunch, I went to Bojangles (yum, right?) except it took 27 of my 30 minuet lunch break. I wasn't happy! NO SIR. After work, headed to my house, where I went to to turn onto my road, some idiot, desided that he couldn't wait for me to turn, he went onto the left side of the road, attempted to pass me and turn into the store, when I almost hit him he proceeded to yell at me; I didn't take this very well as I followed him into the store parking lot, and yelled back. Some people are retards, fucking retards I say. Anywho I go home from that point where Grandma, has aleady grilled everything and chris calls me, just as I begin making my food, and is all so Randi's grilling, you wanna come over, but I was already in the process; so I'm pretty sure she got all pissed off about that. And she's been pretty irritable since I came over. Incase you didn't figure this out, I went over to G.M. where she and Allen are, and we played Rock Band for a few hours, then I took her to McDonalds to get her something to eats, and then we came back to her house; which is where we currently are. I'm updating while she is eating, and then we are going to clean the fish tank, and then you can have her all you want *bets the scribbld zombies back with a jalapeƱo on a stick named Hose* So that's about it, she's are giving me this let get going look so I guess I'm gonna run, if you need me call me or email. jesseh@alltel.blackberry.com.

jess jess
the fishy goes pook pook pook

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