Who you gonna call?  
05:49pm 09/07/2012
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"My phone got cracked all to hell long story, but fuck yeah it still works! Apple, man. They make good shit. Anyway, leave me a message or somethin'."
tags: phone
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[Event] Ch-ch-ch-CHIA~!  
07:23pm 02/09/2009
The day after this phone call, Kankuro is leaving a box on Gaara's desk that he wrapped himself in plain red paper. (Which means it looks kinda crappy. :| But hey, he tried.)

Inside it, Gaara will find this. Because who the hell wouldn't want an Obama-head?! YES WE CAN, BRO, YES WE CAN.
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How YOU doin?  
10:10pm 25/08/2009
DAMN I never knew how many hot asses we had runnin around this place. Even the dudes. Fuck I guess skirts make everything sexy.

But its kinda hard to do my job in this damn outfit, how the hell are you supposed to run around in these wobbly shoes? Like walkin on sticks. Fuckin hurts. This thing's worse than the time I had to wear the pink suit and the Prudence nametag.

Anyway everyone should come to my class. I'm teachin self defense and guitar.
music: Dicks Are For My Friends -- MSI
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starving, man  
10:40pm 27/07/2009
Hot n Ready for five bucks. Tonight after work. Who wants to go do it with me just around the corner?

All hot and gooy in your mouth, fuck its the best shit ever. And really five bucks! I could eat it every day but its more fun with other people too. How about you security guys, you up for it?
mood: hungry hungry
music: Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
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08:31pm 09/07/2009
So I dont know all you people, but I will soon. Promise.

I'm Kankuro, I work in security now so I gotta know who's comin and goin in this place, you know? I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself so you all know who I am.

Temari and Gaara, if you can see this, hey! I get to work with you and make sure you're safe, cool or what.

Oh and one more thing. Anybody interested in joining a band? We got a guitarist (me) but we need everything else that makes a band rock. Cept a cool name. It's called PuppetMaster. fuckyeah
mood: excited excited
music: We Will Rock You - Queen
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We are the champions, my friends~  
07:36pm 09/07/2009
and we'll keep on fiiiighin' til the end~! )
tags: app, ooc!
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