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Male seeking caring young female: Is young, house broken, and has all vaccinations (plus experimental military ones). Can be shock collar trained. Must be picked up.

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I was kindly invited by Learning Tree International to sit through one of their new beta courses for free, as long as I provide verbose feedback and such. Of course I took the offer (the cookies here rock). One of the interesting set ups here is the lunch. You run downstairs, fill out a request, and like magic it appears around lunch time.

Looking at the choices, pizza immediately won me over. Shortly after submitting my request, I fired up the laptop and started chatting to [info]morgan. Of course, I told her I got some pizza from UNOs and she started abusively yelled at me. As a guy, I of course ignored her advice. Oops. <3

After arriving home yesterday, my stomach started rumbling and well.. let's just say I've been on the toilet since this morning. Fuck UNOs.
  • I think someone else in our class got sick too, I'm definitely going to bring it up tomorrow and get my money back.

    NOTE TO READERS: Morgan make look cute and cuddly on the outside, but look at these bruises on my arm, neck, legs, etc. SHE'S DANGEROUS GUYS, WATCH OUT.

    I tried calling 1-800-SAVEACHILD but she blocked it (voice over IP).
    • Haha, I dunno, how much was it, $10? I would just leave it and remember not to have it again, Uno is blech!

      Yeah, you're the abusive one, always calling me names and stuff!

      You need more then SAVEACHILD! :D
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