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Male seeking caring young female: Is young, house broken, and has all vaccinations (plus experimental military ones). Can be shock collar trained. Must be picked up.

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I haven't updated in a while, oops. Lets see...

Waggener Edstrom hasn't responded at all to my requests for Microsoft press-passes this year. As a result, I won't be flying out to the usual Microsoft conferences. It's a huge let down because these are the one times where I usually go out and actually have some fun. Fuck the Wagg'Ed team for accepting some no-name bloggers over me. Grrrrrrr.

I picked up Spore (super pricey edition) which is very deep and fun to play. I'm in total agreement with [info]morgan that I wish the cell stage was longer... it's beautiful, just like the art book it comes with. Can't wait for Fallout 3 now!

My sister's birthday is the 30th. She draws like a super star, so I'm thinking of spending some clams on those drawing tablets for PC, but a real nice one that has the screen on the tablet. Unless it's like 1mil dollars. I need to price them first...

I received a package of undies from morgan today and they are awesome! I love the little heart shapes!

Work and life in general is progressing, I suppose. Nothing to write home about. I'll try to keep up this time, just been so busy with work, blog, emails, Facebook, and now Morgan's new hot-shit forums (http://discuss.tehgeekgirl.com)!

Oh, and I got cake batter and chunky monkey ice creams! Woot!

Okay, time to drive fast in the rain.
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