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September 9th, 2008

Busy bee.

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I haven't updated in a while, oops. Lets see...

Waggener Edstrom hasn't responded at all to my requests for Microsoft press-passes this year. As a result, I won't be flying out to the usual Microsoft conferences. It's a huge let down because these are the one times where I usually go out and actually have some fun. Fuck the Wagg'Ed team for accepting some no-name bloggers over me. Grrrrrrr.

I picked up Spore (super pricey edition) which is very deep and fun to play. I'm in total agreement with [info]morgan that I wish the cell stage was longer... it's beautiful, just like the art book it comes with. Can't wait for Fallout 3 now!

My sister's birthday is the 30th. She draws like a super star, so I'm thinking of spending some clams on those drawing tablets for PC, but a real nice one that has the screen on the tablet. Unless it's like 1mil dollars. I need to price them first...

I received a package of undies from morgan today and they are awesome! I love the little heart shapes!

Work and life in general is progressing, I suppose. Nothing to write home about. I'll try to keep up this time, just been so busy with work, blog, emails, Facebook, and now Morgan's new hot-shit forums (http://discuss.tehgeekgirl.com)!

Oh, and I got cake batter and chunky monkey ice creams! Woot!

Okay, time to drive fast in the rain.

August 15th, 2008

IT and email hell, weekend news, work work work

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This morning, I fired up Outlook 2007 (I prefer Thunderbird but that's another story) and started going through my seventeen billion non-spam emails. While replying to a customer, I received this error.

Oh okay. Thanks Microsoft. I'll go looking for the dialog now, k?

Microsoft software tends to amaze me sometimes. To be fair, I did find the dialog. It was the dialog asking for my PIN to authenticate with my common access card (CAC) but shesh. As a developer, I find this shit embarrassing.

So in other news... [info]morgan and I woke up late. It's funny because I woke up and felt as if I was up until 3am drinking and talking shit... well upon reflection I guess we did, minus the drinking... I am on a mission today to unDRM a bunch of Olympic coverage, we'll see how that goes.

Manager is annoying me today with his 25098230948524 questions. Usually it's limited to about 500, but today it's annonyingly excessive. Not sure why, but I think one day I'm going to bring a flash grenade into the office...
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