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Weekend nears its end

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Weekend nears its end

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Been a busy weekend.

Friday, a few co-workers and I went out to celebrate a birthday. Went from about 4pm to 11pm, oops. We had drinks, pool, and fun. [info]morgan and I sent some emails back and forth, but she had to jump off to prepare for a local horse show of sorts.

Saturday was recoup. day, but that got interrupted by the mother. She wanted me to drive her all over the place in preparation for her travel on Sunday to New York to some funeral. Don't know or care about the details. While she was getting her hair done, I went over to BestBuy and pre-ordered Fallout 3. Also had a chat with a cutey at the register... but I promptly left. It dawned on me she's probably 15. LOL.

Late night Saturday I received some tidbits from [info]morgan on her performance at the show so far. She managed to rake in places ranging from several 1st's to a 4th, which is pretty fucking impressive in my books. We chatted for like 30 seconds before I let her go sleep -- I think she was sleep-chatting!

I also spent most of Saturday night debugging a new issue that came up with iTunes 8 and Windows Vista computers. Apple deployed a newer USB filter driver that seems to have caused a shitstorm. They rolled back the driver and quietly re-released iTunes 8, but a friend and I are trying to track down why it's crashing machines.

Sunday (today), isquiet so far. Parents left to New York for two nights while I take care of the dogs and sister. I spent a good chunk of time doing some work to make up hours that I've been dragging ass @ work. Just going to relax and prepare to speak to manager about going to PDC in late October because I may have secured a method to get out there. I'm excited. I need the time off.
  • Sounds like a good Friday, I wish I could say the same, spent most of it working the horses in prep for the show. I mean it was fun, but probably not as much as you had.

    Saturday sounds nice, I've gotta get Fallout 3 also, I should probably play the 1 & 2 also at some point, ya think? Gotta get my hands on them first.

    Dunno about debugging iTunes USB drivers, sounds like I had more fun that time lol.

    Why do you have to take care of your sister, she's 16, I'd smash you if you attempted to take care of me lol. Jeeez. That would be nice if you could attend PDC.
    • Yeah, was decent I must admit. You were outside though, I'm sure you had more fun!

      Fallout 3 is going to rock. I love how they've kept the iconic "War. War never ends." through all the games so far.

      Yeah, debugging your Apple shit is no fun.

      Well I didn't mean "take care of" as if I'm giving her a bath or whatever. Just have to make sure she doesn't burn the house down. I made home made burgers and fries that day too! Made a huge mess but it was tasty!
      • I was outside, but I think it was raining, and not fun...I think I stayed in the barn and hid :)

        I love when you debug my Apple shit!

        Haha, ew giving your sister a bath, not APPROPRIATE, WE NEED GIRLSPACE!!!! I sometimes burn the house down mostly cause I cannot cook, I can't even microwave something without it fucking up haha I like burgers and fries! I also like making a mess!
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