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Weekend summary, busted on Gaia Online

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Weekend summary, busted on Gaia Online

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This weekend was quite fun actually. Everything I planned to do, of course, didn't happen. But that's the fun of weekends.

[info]morgan, with her farm of servers, set up a dedicated Counter-Strike server so we can level up from noob to sorta-noob. While she did all the hard work, I was there for moral support, haha. Although he probably won't admit it, I spoke with [info]jimmy and we're bffs now. Shh, don't tell Morgan.

I always saw the spam ads for Gaia Online, but never thought I'd try it. [info]morgan messaged me about it on Sunday and we went ahead and registered up, 400 gold yes! I'll try anything once, so why not? What a piece of crap. Nevertheless, we had our... "fun" with it and logged off. She has the incriminating evidence in her Scribbld post, if you're interested.

I woke up late this morning and got to work around 10:20am, oops. Although I know my manager doesn't particularly like me strolling in at these late morning hours, he has no choice but to keep his pie hole shut. They can't fire me -- I'm the only real developer here.

Just finished updating my time card, and wrapped up a project at work. I'm re-downloading WoW, en-US this time, to jump on Morgan's custom legit (cough) server. I'm interested to see what all the hype is about. Thankfully, I'm not Mr. Jerko anymore, otherwise this would be awkward.

Running to Harris Teeter to grab a sandwich.
  • Haha yeah why is it that I've gotta do all the hard work, you're more geek then mee, you should set that crap up!! Gaia sucked so hardcore lol. I don't care how many gold it gave us hahaha

    <lj user="jimmy'> is definitely a fan of your Windows knowledge lol. He says thanks for the tip on backing up those PST files (which he had to do for consulting the other week. He definitely likes you too (in a not gay way) lol. I woke up super late this morning, the horses were SOOOOOOPISSSY! haha Oh well. PS - You should have listened to me when I posted that link and then you would have gotten the right client lol. I am not sure if it would matter, but probably better to be on the safe side ya know. You're not Mr. Jerko anymore lol. Such a nice boy :) <3. I am making chicken patties lol. I am so noobed.
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