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Rezi Ta ([info]rezista) wrote,
@ 2010-11-18 10:36:00

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Current mood: Hyyyyyper.

49:~I'm not a dude, I'm a force of nature.
So, today's my birthday and I figured I would post this here since it's totally relevant and I totally have to say it.

It would seriously make my day if someone could make me a Mike Warner layout/info layout/friends only banner/iconset/moodset for my birthday. :D

/not subtle at all.

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2010-11-19 02:54 am UTC (link)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY :DDD If I thought I had any graphics abilities, I'd totally make you one~

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2010-11-19 03:24 pm UTC (link)
:D Thank you!

It was totally just a random shoutout. XD I've been ridiculously obsessed with this character for weeeeeeeeks.

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