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Rezi Ta ([info]rezista) wrote,
1. Err...that thing. That you said. Yeah, about Rose. That one. ...Actually, I saw you guys getting along so well and I was kinda jealous, so I wanted to be your friend, too. A lot. You were really cool sounding/looking and Rose wouldn't shut up about your awesome.

...Thanks, Rose! ♥
2. Blockbuster, Bleach, Higurashi, TenTen, MyJapaneseCoach, others.
3. You don't get offended when I make [seemingly offensive] comments at/to you; instead, you take said comments and have a meaningful, non-irritated or attitude-filled conversation/debate with me. It's refreshing.
4. When Dan broke up with you and Linds and I made you laugh so hard you sounded like you were dying. Also, when we first met, you, Rose, and I had an icon war. Remember that?
5. Do you practice Feng Shui with your bed?
6. Hm. Having a hard time finding a fave in there.

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