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May 11th, 2008

meme and foolery @ 05:35 pm

1. What was the last item you bought from Tommy Hilfiger?:
Er... I don't buy from that... er... store? Brand?

2. Gummy bears or Gummy worms?:
Doesn't make a difference to me! ^^;

3. Do you go tanning?:
Nah, too boring and I don't tan right away, I burn even with sun block.

4. How many pairs of Converses do you own?:
One as soon as I go shoe shopping.

5. Do you like Gnarls Barkely?:
Who now?

6. What are you doing right now, other than this?:
Listening to music.

7. Do you own an iPod?:

8. If you could change TWO things about yourself, what would they be?:
My weight and my skin.

9. Do you often wear straight-legged jeans?:
Sure? *shrug* It doesn't matter to me.

10. What was the last website (other than Xanga) you went on?:

11. Do you like candles?:
Yes. The Scented kinds.

12. Would you ever get a tattoo?:

13. Are you a shopaholic?:
What's that?

14. Describe your style:
A little eccentric! Just a lil bit. heheh

15. If you were to be any car, what would you be?:
yellow porshe 911 turbo with tint & all wheel drive and spoiler

16. Do you have highlights?:

17. Would you ever want to be a model?:
No. too lonely

18. What video game system do you use?:

19. Do you ever say "that's what she said"?:
Yes. all the time.

20. What is tomorrow?:
Tuesday in my book.

21. Favorite color(s)?:
Crimson, blue, bright green, black, aqua

22. Would you rather have water or soda?:

23. Do you have certain rings that you wear daily?:
yes, the one I bought at wal*mart.

24. If yes, describe them to me:
It has red stones around it and white ones in the middle.

25. What does your hair look like right now?:
Messy and pinned back with a bandanna

26. When was the last time you took a nap?:

27. How many hats do you own?:

28. Have you ever played on a soccer team?:
yes, but I quit.

29. Do you have a fence in your yard?:
No, but I use to.

30. What do you plan on majoring in?:
English and minoring Education

31. Where are your pets right now?:
Sleeping in my room.

32. Is it supposed to be nice out tomorrow?:
Yes. Yes it is.

33. Have you ever been in a plane?:

34. Would you ever go to Argentina?:

35. Why or why not?:
Too many bugs.

36. How many purses/bags do you own?:

37. What is bothering you right now?:
My emotions.

38. What color is your couch?:
I don't have one.

39. Have you ever been to New Hampshire?:
Yes. Frequently.

40. How was this survey?:
I liked it.

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No Tea Within 100ft Of This Journal!

I will spill it, I promise you I will....