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Svalin Thorsdottir ([info]shield_maiden) wrote,
@ 2010-09-25 23:12:00

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Six years in the future
“Mother!” Solver yelled and ran across the great hall toward his mother. It was empty save for a few guards. The rest of Asgard was preparing to defend the realm from the enemies gathered outside the walls.

Svalin smiled when she saw her son and scooped him up into her arms when he reached her. She had come to check on Solver and Vernique. Her wife and son were the center of her world and she wanted to make sure they were safe before the battle started. “How fares thee, Solver?”

“I art well, Mother. I art ready for battle!” he said proudly. His small sword was clutched tightly in his right hand.

Svalin smiled. “Nay. Thou needest to see a few more summers before thou art ready for battle, mine son. Thy duty doth lie elsewhere today.”

“I art a warrior!”

“Thou wilt be a mighty warrior one day, mine son, but today thou must do thine duty and protect thine second mother.”

Solver frowned. “But I art a warrior!”

Svalin carried him over to the steps that lead up to Lord Odin’s throne. She sat down with ease despite the armor she wore and sat Solver on one of her legs. “We must all do our duty, Solver,” Svalin said gently. “Thy duty today ist to protect thine mother. Mine duty ist to lead the warriors of Asgard against the enemies of Asgard.”

“Who wilt protect you?” he asked.

Svalin smoothed some of his dark hair back out of his eyes. Like is grandmother Sif, Solver was one of the few Asgardians who had dark hair. It made him stand out and it made him special. Her son was special in so many ways. In him Asgard had a possible future.

“No one,” she said. “I doth not have a shield maiden to protect me.”

“Why not? Thou couldst get hurt or …” He couldn’t say the last part. He wrapped his arms tightly around her.

Svalin returned the hug. “Aye, I couldst and I wilt die someday, but it ist an honor to die in battle for the defense of Asgard. It ist our duty as Asgardians and as members of the royal family to protect the realm and all in it. With our lives if it ist necessary. It ist what being an Asgardian means, mine son. We put Asgard above all else and sacrifice all for Asgard. One day when the final battle cometh, we wilt leave all behind and die for Asgard. Doth thou understand?”

He nodded.

“Worry not, mine son. I doth not believe the Ragnarok comes this day,” she assured him. “But if the battle should not fare well for Asgard, thine mother and thee shall go to Migard. Thou wilt be safe with the Avengers. Doth thou understand?”

He nodded again.

“Good.” Svalin kissed his forehead. “I love thee, Solver. “

“I love thee, Mother.”

Svalin stood up, still holding Solver. “Let us go find thy mother. She doth need her warrior to protect her.”

"Aye," he said and held up his sword.

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