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Svalin Thorsdottir ([info]shield_maiden) wrote,
@ 2011-06-24 02:53:00

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The rules:
1. Truth or Dare: Post a scene idea as a dare. It can be in-canon, or it can be AU. You can challenge any of mine with any of yours. I can take the dare, or turn it down, by offering an honest in character answer to any question you want to ask. If I take the dare, you can set up the scene and we'll play through it.

2. Putting the 'R' in RP: So most of the time, rp comes down to casual social or big mod-run plots. This is neither, so let's spice it up. Your dare-scene challenge must involve either A. gratuitous violence, B. gratuitous nudity (I'm willing to play out sex scenes if they make sense, or hint at them) C. gratuitous crack. - because these aren't going through moderation, they can't really change anything, no new powers, no big item acquisitions, but gratuitous hero battles or villain of the week-ish stuff should be ok. Multiple choices from A, B and C are also possible.

3. Pay it Forward: As usual, if you take this challenge and post a scene idea, you also need to put this up in one of your journals, and offer some or all of yours up for scene challenges. Now the tricky part - if I take a dare, I will temp at least one of the npcs needed, if any are. I will not require you to NPC for me, no. Instead, you must temp at least one npc in any dares you take.
And, why yes, this is an effort to get people to temp occasional npcs for others in order to encourage rp. You have an easy out in any scenes you're truly not comfortable with - you can always take 'truth', and I may, not every scene will fit my characters or my fancy... but the idea is still to encourage rp, get people doing scenes and playing with characters, whether AU or our canon, and doing the little things to help get scenes going.

My characters up for this:

Natasha Romanova-Stark
Anya Stark
James Romanov-Rogers
Alex Bowmaster
Del Bishop
Sydney Ashcroft
Zoey Ascroft
Cait Drake
Quinn Braddock
Irina Krylova
Alex Thorne
Greg Price
Cait Curry
Mandy Chandler
Maria Grayson-Wayne
Helena Bertinelli
Arthur Curry
Nick Fury
Natasha Romanova (Legends)
Natasha Romanova (Iron Widow - Exiles)

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