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&Stalker; ([info]shining_diva) wrote on September 5th, 2009 at 10:31 pm
SNSD hate
Why yes, I do hate that girl group. So I waste my time watching parody vids |D (instead of playing BASARA |DDDD)

and also, while searching for stuff I originally found an Anti-SoHee parody (which I lol'ed at. Yes I hate SoHee too.)

Notable parodies:
Super Junior's Sorry Sorry
- We can easily upstage, upstage, upstage, them♪

4Minute's Hot Issue
- Even if you wear my shoe! [Anti SoHee]

- Just distract them with your pedo-bait dance moves!

-Just for the sake of having MIROTIC |D

2PM's 10 out of 10
- Oh check out that girl! Oh gawd she's so hot, NOTHING like SNSD!

DBSK's Wrong Number
-You had to use us to boost your ratings (you fucking whores)

STAND UP-Big Bang + Fan-Epik High
- STANDsubs says something about Anti SNSDhaters/antis

Anti-Sohee TELL ME

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