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User:shining_diva (29027)
Saikou No Sekai☆♪

Hi. My name is Mikage and I obviously like Japanese stuff. Mikage is not my real name. My real name sucks. Just call me Rociel if you want to call me with an English name. I've been an anime fan since I was a kid. I don't know how old was I, but for as long as I can remember I ALWAYS watched anime on TV. My major obsession started when I saw NARUTO on our local channel (Dubbed in our local Language.) way back in...2003? I guess, around that time. Then I stayed in the fandom until 2006, and I moved on into Prince of Tennis as my fandom as of 2007. Still a fan. But I mainly stay on the Musical side of the fandom, but it does not mean I'm not updated with the animanga.

My Old Username was marin_karin, derived from Persona 3's CHARM skill. MARIN FUCKING KARIN. I never got to experience that though XD. Mitsuru loves me? And I love her too♥ Aside from P3, I also play various games (which I never finish. I lack skills :<). I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE to play DDR, but I can NEVER win against it. It has a eternal lose cycle which I can not escape (DDR Pad mode.) But I extract my revenge through the use of my magical PS2 Controller! (bwahaha!) I just play Supernova 2 though. I kinda want more. I'm actually quite fond of rhythm games. But they are never fond of me :<. I also play MMO's. Well I just played one game. RO. I love that game♥

Uh, if there is anything else, just add me? XD or leave a message |D

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& Layout Coding thanks to Fruit Style!
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Interests:75: anime, anime based musicals, aph, atobe keigo, atobe's gift, bishounen, bloody rose, books, cdrama, clamp, classical, claymore, comedy, cosplaying, creepy, ddr, decade, figurines, flowers, gay, good voice acting, gundam, gundam 00, heisei kamen riders, horror, idols, jdrama, jpop, kabuto, kamen rider, katou kazuki, kdrama, khr, kiva, kpop, kuroshitsuji, losing at ddr, manga, manga based musicals, mara, maya-sama, monsters, mp3s, nendoroid, persona 3, persona 3 fes, persona 4, popstars, psychological manga, purple, rage, ragnarok online, rainbows, rp, rping, rps, russia-sama, seiyuu, shin megami tensei, shin tennis no ouji-sama, shiny, shiny stuff, shirtless bishounen, shot series, sniper, stalker, suspense, teito klein, tenimyu, tenipuri, vampires, violins that wataru made, voice actors, yaoi, yuki kaori
Schools:None listed
People7:bishounen, charmdi, frozen_rose, kirikirimai04, meshitsukai, ruin, yamirachan
Communities3:animeaddme, donut, dressingroom
Friend of:4: charmdi, chouno_papillon, frozen_rose, ruin
Member of:5: _otp, animeaddme, donut, dressingroom, iam
Account type:Early Free User

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