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---That fic  

A/N: So um I just wrote this short drabble because I like drama and um I just wanted to not forget this because I usually forget my plots before I get to tell them to anyone. Also, I apologize for making Mori very very OOC orz

I don’t think anyone would bother to read this anyway lol

Weird ass italics in the middle of paragraphs are thoughts (except that announcement)

Summary: She leaves. She lies about her feelings for him. She comes back—still loving him the same way 5 years ago, does he still feel the same way?


Today was the day. Today was the day she was going to leave, leave for good. She doesn’t know when would she come back—if she would even comeback at all. She was sitting alone in the airport, looking out the huge windows. Airplanes were coming and going, soon she’d be leaving too.

She didn’t want to leave. She didn’t want to go away. She just wanted to stay with him.

She stared at her phone, waiting for his message. She already got a goodbye message from that other guy, and her beloved cousin how come he never sent her a message? Was he already happy that she was leaving? Is his phone having problems? Did he really not care that she was leaving?

Fnal call for Flight 3245 to Berlin, Germany. Please go to Gate 47A and board your flight.

She sighs heavily, trying to hold back her tears. He didn’t care. He just wanted her to leave—was all the things that were in her head.

Maybe…this was a sign to just forget everything and focus on achieving my goal of beating my parents in the industry. She thinks as she stared at her phone for one last time. She hesitates as she shifted to the phonebook and selected his name—there was still enough time for a short call. One short call. One last chance to hear his voice.

Should I…? B-but I…It’ll be great if I heard his voice…but I should really be forgetting about him—

Her bodyguard approaches her and tells her that they should head on to board since there would be a lot of people inside the plane, if they don’t hurry she would have a hard time getting in. She shakes her head, ridding herself with such thoughts.

As she approached the area for boarding she couldn’t help but look back, she couldn’t help but think he’d come chasing her, telling her not to leave—though he seemed to have made it clear that it was fine for him that if she’d leave, she still looked back.

He isn’t coming after all…not even a goodbye…

She looked forward, clutching her hand bag tightly trying very hard to not to cry.

This is for the better, at least he isn’t hurt. That’s right.

As long as he stays happy, I’m happy.

“Stop!!” She hears someone say, she didn’t bother turning back, it must be for someone else. There was nobody who was going to go after her after all.

“Stop—Wait!” The sound got closer, maybe it was finally for her?

“R…L-let go of me!! Stop, St-stop!! I-I need to say something to her!!” 

It was his voice.

There was no mistaking it, that was the voice she wanted to hear. She quickly turns around and sees him getting restrained by the airport security—oddly they were having a hard time restraining the boy. A smile crept on her lips, she walked over to his direction.

“Please let me go! I-I just need to talk to her!!”  The boy pleads to the security who in turn just screamed at him to go back since he didn’t have any business there. Still, he struggled to get out.

“Excuse me.” She says as she tapped the shoulder of one guard.

“Can…can I talk to him please?” She says with a rather sad tone in her voice, her eyes were a bit watery too. The guard was taken a back by her expression and just let the boy talk to her—just for a short while the guard stresses; they soon left and watched the couple from afar.

“H-hey.” She manages to say to him, she wanted to burst into tears and just hug him and never leave, but no. She had to leave, she will leave no matter what happens she has to leave.

“Rikki!!” He says, as he grabbed her hands, making her drop her bag onto the ground. He was panting, there was sweat all over his forehead, he looked exhausted but even if he did there was a certain look in his eyes. He seemed really happy.

“M-Mori. Wh-What are you doing h-here…?”

“I came…to say goodbye.” He says with a sad look in his eyes, but a smile on his face.  

She inwardly smiles. She was happy he came to see her, she was happy that he still loved her, but she didn’t want him to suffer while she was away. She wanted him to be happy—even if that means forgetting about her and finding another person to love.

“That’s it? You stopped me just for that?”

“And this.” He says as he dug something out of his pocket. He takes out a pink plastic ring with a cupcake design on it. He takes her hand and slips it on.

“What are you doing?!” She says as she quickly takes her hand back from him.

“I know you wanted that ring from last time but someone bought it already…and I thought you’d like that.” He says, smiling again.

“I…I don’t need this! This looks so cheap! I-I’m leaving!” She says angrily, picking up her bag. She didn’t take it off, she really liked the ring; she wanted to wear it forever. She lowers her head, hiding her face from him, she didn’t want him to see her like this. She’s bit her lip to keep herself from crying. Suddenly she felt something warm against her.

He hugged her.

“I…I don’t want you to go, but if it’ll make you happier if you go right? Just don’t ever forget that I love you Rikki.” He whispers to her ear. 

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One Shot: Blue Rain  

Blue Rain


Summary: Who would forget Kwon JiYong’s birthday? Everyone knows his birthday! Nobody forgets his birthday. Especially him. But what happened? Did he forget?! GDTOP. [Yama nashi Ochi nashi Imi nashi]


A/N: For Lady, because she is a whore. Huge thanks to Yamira for doing the parts I can’t do (and proof reading)




Also, dedicated to our otp; don’t get me wrong I love OT5 but sometimes I segment them lolol


Also, this is my first time writing Yaoi, so I did not do those parts (yes, Yamira did it. She’s awesome okay?)




Bzzt. Bzzt.


The sound of the annoying phone vibrating woke Jiyong up. Who in their right mind would want to wake him up at this time? Granted, it was just Eight in the morning but Kwon Jiyong rarely gets any sleep. He does too much Singing, Writing, Composing, Dancing name it, and he does it.


He reached for his annoying phone over at his desk.



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Chapter 4  
A/N: Ditching El Fili&Physics for this HAHAHA
Italics are English words~
EunAe's POV
"I've already told them about you." Mister Choi Seung Hyun said with a smile.
"R-r-r-r-really?! W-what did they say?!" I felt my heart beating really fast, is this what they call love? But isn't love supposed to make you feel really happy?
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First, Godzilla was gonna attack the super market I was at (I knew this before hand) so I stole a bunch of goods (Grape juice, strawberry milk and a bunch of other sweets) to be power ups (...I believe I was a game character) then the spot where I predicted Godzilla would come out was false, so it was a surprise attack >_>

Then there came out boats (Just like Big Bang's ALWAYS boat. Idk don't ask me.) with people in them, I ran away together with some people (which were Taeyang,Sri and Gdragon. I...don't really know)

Then there was this Gackt-look alike who were announcing missions, he told us to go to this area (which I didn't know) GD/Sri dragged us to that place and then we were safe! Then the next mission was to go into a cold room and dance to TeniMyu songs (Idk. My brain is really fucked up lol).

So we go in the room and dance, the first song was a TeniMyu song and the next song was a BB song >_> so after that song I got out of the room but people told me "Game Over".

So I hit myself on the head with a bottle. Then I fainted, then when I woke up I pretended to have amnesia >_> Then there was this UKISS member in the couch I was sitting in, I told him it was all an act then he reveals it to the game officials.

Then I woke up.

My dream is damn weird.

*copy pastas into her journal*
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Yet to have a title: Chapter 3: Arrival  
Chapter 3


A/N: Finally, yeah?

No Previews because this Chapter is short  )
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Yet to be Titled: Chapter 2  
Chapter 2

A/N: I should be reading Crime and Punishment but oh well. I'm a lazy bitch :D

Please excuse this chapter for being exessively long. People with amnesia are hard to deal with.

And oh, she was asleep for 3 days and she has been awake for roughly a week (this chapter is set on the 6th day she was awake. Night time.) (Events that had taken place with in this time frame would be explained...hopefully if not I'll dedicate a special chapter 1.5 for it<3)

Thinking fast is also awesome. I wonder how can someone think long paragraphs with in seconds?

EunAe's POV

I was too busy talking to ChunHei to notice someone had opened the door. I was shocked to see someone else inside my room. The first thing I noticed was that this intruder--I mean person is really tall (aside from the fact that he is a man). This man was taller than anyone that I knew (which is just Doctor Jang and ChunHei well excluding the people on that box called television since I never saw them outside outside of that box). First, I thought that ChunHei is already the tallest person that I knew (since she was taller than me, and I was taller than Docot Jang) but this person who just entered my room proved me wrong.

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Yet to have a title: Chapter 1  
Chapter 1

A/N: This took a while. Lol I have tons of issues going on. Did I mention Epik Bang is hot? They need to collaborate again.

“Well well well, I have nothing but 50,000 won with me? How the hell am I even going to find a place to rent with this amount?” I sighed deeply. I sat down at the small bench in this little park that I managed to find while randomly walking around in Seoul.
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Yet to have a title: Prolouge  

This Story is yet to have a title

Summary: She was stupid enough to not bring a large amout of money. She was stupid enough to lose all of her memories, is she stupid enough to fall in love with someone she can’t have?

A/N: Wow the summary sounds so fucking vauge. I love me. This will be my first time to write a fan fic like this. I usually write for Animu Characters so hahaha. I’m sorry if this would suck and some of them would be out of character. Aaand Sorry for generalizing them Americans. So sorry ;A; I blame my friend who migrated to LA.


Once, there was a pair of two girls. One of them always looked like she was beaten half to death, and the other looks like a princess from a fan away land. The weird thing was they looked exactly the same, attended the same school and even came from the same family.

They were identical twins.

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I want so much icons. Yet I can never use them all at once.
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Dream log QQ  
So in mai dream I was...idk. Really I was in Japan for some odd reason, and I saw Perfume (but just two of them. A-chan and Nocchi, idk where KashiYuka was but whatever)

We were in one room, together with this one guy that I do not know, then Perfume made me gtfo the room, but I peeked XD and I saw A-chan adjusting a TV-Radio thing. She was adjusting the channels and after a while I saw Nocchi appear on the TV and she was singing the first part (well...the first sentence) of One Room Disco (which was kinda static-y) then at the next sentence A-chan went ~INSIDE~ the TV and sang with her then after that the Room transformed into a...Music Video, but The man was singing along with A-chan&Nocchi (...Just for the first part)


I was at the bathroom together with The Man, A man with a sleeveless b&w striped hoodie...and Nocchi I think. Then I realized that the man in the sleeveless hoodie was actually TOP (YES. WTF?) and the hoodie was opened and I could see his ABS *A* *A* *A* *A* A* (yes, I saw it, in my dreams. Idk.)

Then he asked me if I could put oil in his back (...oddly he was speaking in English. YES YOU CAN SEE THAT I HAD TOO MUCH IRIS) at first I was hesitating (idk why, but I was.) Then theMan and Nocchi ~made~ me do it 8D. So I was shyly--putting it on without any care at all (idk. It was just like I was puting lotion on myself. I do not why.)

Then after a while Nocchi complained that her hair was short. Then I was like: "SHORT?! HAVE YOU SEEN MY HAIR?" *removes earphones* Then she just ignored me and continued fixing her hair, then after a while I put back my earphones and TOP was being a cute bitch by trying to make my hair stand up using gel (It will never stand up) HE WAS MESSING IT UP SO MUCH D8 then he like ruffled my hair some more and smiled at me.


My dream is fucking fucked up.
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Mail Box  

Surprise Parcels

Need to tell me something and I'm not around?
Comment here. All comments are screened, so say whatever you need to say.

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SNSD hate  
Why yes, I do hate that girl group. So I waste my time watching parody vids |D (instead of playing BASARA |DDDD)

and also, while searching for stuff I originally found an Anti-SoHee parody (which I lol'ed at. Yes I hate SoHee too.)

Notable parodies:
Super Junior's Sorry Sorry
- We can easily upstage, upstage, upstage, them♪

4Minute's Hot Issue
- Even if you wear my shoe! [Anti SoHee]

- Just distract them with your pedo-bait dance moves!

-Just for the sake of having MIROTIC |D

2PM's 10 out of 10
- Oh check out that girl! Oh gawd she's so hot, NOTHING like SNSD!

DBSK's Wrong Number
-You had to use us to boost your ratings (you fucking whores)

STAND UP-Big Bang + Fan-Epik High
- STANDsubs says something about Anti SNSDhaters/antis

Anti-Sohee TELL ME

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Scribbld Summertime Friending Meme!

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banner from withlace@LJ

Feel free to add me if we have common interests :D

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Test Post  
Marin Karin: 25% chance of inflicting the Charm ailment.